2007: Halloween at Legoland

2007: Halloween at Legoland

2007: Halloween at Legoland

As I started working on this blog I realized that this page is going to need a lot of explaining!  I have to set the context for the event.  The San Diego Fires of October 2007 had just happened and we had been cooped up in our small apartment without air conditioning and closed windows for about 4 straight days.  We knew that we needed to get out to restore our restless bodies and so we decided to go to Legoland for Halloween.  Our good friend Stephanie went with us.  They were having a Halloween costume competition and my son wanted us all to dress up – so we did – in our costumes from our “karate kid” night.  I was still wearing my air mask to filter out smoke as I have allergies.  So – I was accused of dressing up like a SARS victim (see left hand page top right photo)!  Which was not at all what I had intended!

The EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch - Venetian 3/4photographs on the left hand page are bordered in black with a new corner cutter that I had purchased and I thought that it was fitting for Halloween. I like this kind of corner cutter because it allows you to make frames that hold the pictures without the need for glue or sticky tabs. Click on the graphic to the right if you would like to purchase this corner cutter.

One of my favorite parts of this spread is the spider in the top left hand corner of the right page – it is about half an inch tall – so doesn’t fit under the plastic sheet protector very well, but it is a fun element.

Tiny Prints Halloween Invitations and Cards

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