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2013: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

On our foray into Kentucky we saw a sign for the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace.  Since we had visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum and burial site a few months before I thought that it would be fun to stop and see where Abraham Lincoln was born.  Interestingly enough, the home had been long ago demolished, and in its place this large “temple” erected that had a replica log cabin built inside of it.  It was quite a grand structure considering that there was hardly anything inside of it.  There was a very interesting visitor’s center and gift shop that was on the grounds.  The top right hand picture is of the underground stream where the family got their water.

On the left hand page you will notice a white circle with a purple date stamp in it.  Almost every National Park site will have one of these stamps, and we usually collect them to put in the scrapbook because they highlight the location and the date that we were there.

On the right hand page I placed the two brochures that we picked up at the visitors center.  They are not affixed to the page, but rather held in place by the strip of cardboard that I placed down the center.  This cardboard is held in place by three brads.  I did this because the brochures were double sided and there was no good way to attach them to the page.  It is a little more difficult to get these ones off of the page to view as the reader would have to slide the whole page out of the plastic protector and then remove the brochures from the side.

2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

We were fortunate enough to be able to take a trip down to Kentucky in February.  On the way down we stopped at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum.  I chose a green theme for this spread based on the colors in the brochure on the left hand page. I liked the argyle print on the right hand page as it reminded me of some of the colors of the jockey’s uniforms.

Don’t think that I was betting on the races because of the ticket on the right hand side, that is from a simulated betting game that is in the museum – I didn’t do to well, so I think that I will continue my habit of not betting on horses.

I also included the red wrist band from the tour of the grounds, and a patch that I purchased in the museum store.

But, my favorite ephemera on this page is inside the green circle on the right hand page – it is dirt from the track.  My son, knowing my love for including ephemera on my pages, picked up a handful while we were on the tour!  I placed it inside a plastic protector pocket and then glued it shut.  I then glued the green circle around it so that you could not see the glue marks where I sealed it.

2013: Indiana Pacers Game

2013: Indiana Pacers Game

2013: Indiana Pacers Game

Back to School Stationery from Tiny PrintsOnce a year the Indiana Pacers have a special deal for Exchange Students and their families.  For $20 we got a ticket to the game, a t-shirt, a hot dog, soda, and bag of chips.  We couldn’t pass this great deal up so we made our way to the Bankers Life Field house.

The game was a lot of fun, especially since the Pacers won, and so was creating this page.  I always enjoy incorporating ephemera into my pages and this one has some good ones.  Since I had so much ephemera I used plain background papers – blue and yellow – Pacer colors.  You will notice banners running down the side of each of the pages.  These are plastic “thunder sticks” that we picked up off the ground after the game.  I deflated them and then cut them to fit on the pages.

I also included the game ticket, the program, the schedule, and a pendant that I purchased at the souvenir shop.  Since the program was so heavy I did not mount it to the page or the plastic protector.  I just placed it in its spot on the page behind the plastic protector sheet.  The viewer can pull it out if they wish.  It does slide around a bit, but I didn’t want the weight of it to tear it off of the page.

The picture of the basketball is the massive basketball that is in the Pacer store at the entrance to the Field house.  I cut it using a pair of sharp pointed scissors.

2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

2012: Indianapolis Children's Museum

2012: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

On the first day of the New Year we went the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with my sister and her family.  We spent most of the day there, and it was crowded, but well worth the time and the extra activities provided for this day.    On this first spread I tried to match the background papers with the color scheme in the logo of the Museum.  The colored pieces of paper on the left hand page are pieces of confetti that were released into the lobby when the clock struck 12.  (Noon, not midnight – but the kids loved it anyway.)

2012: Indianapolis Children's Museum 2

2012: Indianapolis Children’s Museum 2

If you look closely at the first spread on the right hand page you will notice that I used some of the same paper on the right hand page of this second spread.  I did this to try and tie the two spreads together.  Our family had a wonderful time in the dinosaur section of the museum – digging up “fossils” and recreating the skins of dinosaurs.  When we returned home I found some of the dino dig “sand” in our bags, and I glued it together and placed it on the right hand page.  I also used slivers of each of the two papers to create a contrast on the opposite page.  This also helps to tie the two pages in the spread together.

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2012: Naptown Roller Derby

2012: Naptown Roller Derby

2012: Naptown Roller Derby

As part of our birthday celebration for our exchange student we went to the Naptown Roller Derby in Indianapolis, IN.   While it was a lot of fun to be there, and to learn the rules of the sport, we we didn’t see as many injuries or as much blood as we thought (or hoped) we were going to.  It may have been that it was their season opener against themselves, and they may have not wanted to hurt their own team mates.

For this spread I chose a blue background paper to match the blue rink that they were skating on.  I used my Cricut Gypsy to design the red lines on the paper.  I then used my Cricut Machine to draw the lines on the paper using a marker pen instead of the cutting blade.

As is my custom, I mounted the ticket to the event and the program on the page as well.

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2012: Exchange Student Birthday

2012: Exchange Student Birthday

2012: Exchange Student Birthday

Our exchange student turned 18 while he was visiting with us, and so we went out for our traditional nice birthday meal.   He chose Texas Roadhouse and that is where we ended up.

I used a country material pattern for the background paper on both pages as it matched the ambiance of Texas Roadhouse.  On the left hand page is the envelope from the card that our exchange student’s parents sent him, as well as photographs from the restaurant.  I cut all of these out by hand with a pair of fine point scissors.

The right hand page has pictures of the boys before the meal, as well as the birthday cards that my son and I gave to him.  I mounted these birthday cards to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that he could open them and read them again when he is looking at the scrapbook.

Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

I just want to put a little plug here for serving as a host family for a Foreign Exchange student.  We had a wonderful time doing it – this was our first year – so much so, that we are doing it again this year. My son loved having a brother and learning about new places, and it makes our home a little more active 🙂

We used International Student Exchange for our agency and we had a great experience. I encourage you to go to their website ( and consider serving in this way.

2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

This page highlights a Dinner Magic Show, and event that I would never have thought to go to if it were not for Groupon.  I purchased greatly discounted prices and we were on our way!

The event was dinner and table magic, followed by a magic show, and was held at the Indianapolis Propylaeum.  If you click on the picture you can zoom in and read more about what a Propylaeum is on the historic marker on the left hand page.  I hand cut the historic marker photograph to make it easier to read, and then also hand cut the border that surrounds it.

Since the venue for this event was historic and elegant I picked an elegant background paper for the left hand side.  I used a corner cutter to create borders for the two photographs on the left page.EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch - Trumpet Flower 7/8

For the right hand page I used a domino paper to hint at games and illusions.  It is difficult to tell from this photograph, but on this page I cut two of the dominoes out from behind the photographs and then used thick sticky pads to elevate them off of the page to add interest and dimension to the page.

2012: Blue Man Group

Our next stop on our Chicago tour was to visit the Blue Man Group.  I was able to get discounted tickets from and we had a great time.  If you have never seen the Blue Man Group – it is worth your time and money.

This is another page, that when I look at it I feel like it looks plain.  However I wanted to highlight the ephemera on the page, and when you add to many embellishments it takes away from the items that you want people to focus on.  I attached the program on the right hand page to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened and read by the viewer.  If you look carefully you will notice that it is smudged.  Apparently the programs are printed with biodegradable ink, and it smeared while we were at the show.  I struggled with if I wanted to put this in the scrapbook, but I decided that I wanted the program on the page, and the smudges added some character.

I also cut the plastic bag from the gift shop to put on both pages.  Since it is clear plastic it was hard to attach to the page without the adhesive showing.  I solved this by folding it over the edge of the paper and using tape to hold it down.  The one corner on the page was stuck down with a sticky tab, and then covered up by another element on the page.
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