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2009: Horse Grooming

2009: Horse Grooming

2009: Horse Grooming

Earlier in the year we went to a charity silent auction and I purchased a couple of experiences for our family. One of thee was a horse grooming session.

Now to some this may seem like I paid money so that we could work for someone for free – and while that is close to the truth – the first time around – it is a lot of fun.

For this page I chose a color scheme that mimicked the color of the horse – brown.  I was fortunate enough to find background papers at my local scrapbook store that horse and farm themes.  The two horses on the left hand page are actually a laser cut that I also found at our local scrapbook store.

I bordered all of the photographs and the gift certificate in brown as well, and then added some Jolee’s cowboy stickers to finish out the page.   While this page is fairly simple in design, I feel that it works well to highlight the photographs on the page.


2009: Pigeon Forge Go-Karting

2009: Pigeon Forge Go-Karting

2009: Pigeon Forge Go-Karting

While we were in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area we decided that we would have a little fun go karting.   We had also recently been enjoying the movie “Cars” and so I decided to use Cars stickers to the theme of this page.

I could not find exactly the background paper that I wanted, and since I had just hand painted the background for the Hillbilly Golf page – I decided that I would do the same for this page.  I started out by drawing the track on the page in permanent marker, and then I used green paint and a sponge brush to fill in the rest of the background.

I purchased the Pigeon Forge lazer cut in the top left hand corner in a local craft store while we were there and then spent quite a bit of time putting it together, but it is one of my favorite ones.

Since my parents were with us on the trip my mother was able to take pictures of us while we were gokarting.  I have very few pictures of my son and I together as I am usually the one that needs to take them, and I am not the kind of person who stops strangers to ask them to take pictures of us – maybe I should get better at that!

2009: Hillbilly Golf

2009: Hillbilly Golf

2009: Hillbilly Golf

Get Ready for Summer at OnlineSports.comWhile in Gatlinburg, TN we found a place called Hillbilly golf that was built into the side of a mountain. You had to ride a tram up the side of the mountain to start playing and then bring it back down at the end. You had to be really carefully to not hit your ball to hard because it would go down the mountain and you would never find it again.

I had a lot of fun with this page.  I took the color scheme – green and orange – from the color scheme of the mini golf business – look at the roof line of the club house in the picture on the left hand side.  I decided that I wanted to design the background pages myself so that I could show the tram going up the mountain.  I used craft paint to paint the trees after I had drawn the tram track.   The tram was hand drawn and then cut out with a pair of sharp pointed scissors.  I used a black sharpie to outline the tram so that it would stand out more against the background.

The “Smoky Mountains” title was purchased at a craft store in Gatlinburg – I always make a point on our vacations of trying to find scrapbook stores that are selling local attraction items.  The “Hillbilly golf” title I made with my Cricut machine and put on wood design paper to match the sign from the mini golf clubhouse.

To further emphasize the orange in the design I bordered each picture in orange – using a corner cutter to round the pictures and the borders.

2009: Dixie Stampede – Inside

2009: Dixie Stampede - Inside

2009: Dixie Stampede – Inside

160 x 600This spread is the second from our visit to Dixie Stampede. It displays a few more pictures from outside, but also a few from inside.  The venue is dark inside and so many of my pictures from inside did not turn out.

The evening starts with a pre-show outside of the arena, which includes a blue grass band and a bull whip expert.  My son had a great time watching the cowboy use his whip to flick cigarettes out of people’s mouths.

The color scheme for this page comes from the medallion which we received at the event and the ribbon which was blue and yellow.  I chose blue background paper to compliment this, and bordered all of the photographs with blue and yellow borders.  I did the same with a ticket stub from the event.  I like to put ticket stubs on my pages at it serves as a great reminder of date, time and place of the event.  in this case it shows the price as well :).   So – if you plan to go to the Dixie Stampede – this will help you plan your budget!

Something that is important to point out on this page is the medallion and the ribbon – if you look closely you will see that there is nothing connecting the two.  There was a small ring that was connecting them, but it stuck too far out into the plastic protector page and I was afraid that it would damage the plastic.  I therefore carefully cut that ring off and placed the medallion and the ribbon close to each other on the page so that you viewer would not notice that this piece was missing.

2009: Dixie Stampede

2009: Dixie Stampede

2009: Dixie Stampede

For Spring Break of 2009 we went with my parents to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN.  The first night that we were there we went and saw the Dixie Stampede, which is a must see show if you are in the area. It is a dinner theatre event within a horse arena – so you can imagine the fun that you will have.

This first spread showcases photos taken outside of the venue.  We had will-call tickets and so we got there super early – too early in fact:) – but my friends and family will tell you that I get places too early all of the time.  It did though, afford us time to look around and get some great pictures which you can see on the right hand page.

2009: Dixie Stampede - Open

2009: Dixie Stampede – Open

The left hand page has the picture that was taken as we were entering the event in its jacket. You can see what it looks like in the photo to the left when it is opened.  I added the program from the event to the left hand side of the jacket and used a brad and a small metal picture frame to hold it in place so that it doesn’t flap open when the jacket is opened.  By sliding the picture frame down it releases the program so that you can open it up to read it.

As you can see from this picture the right hand side of the photo jacket is behind the plastic sheet protector, and the left hand side is above it.  This helps to protect the photograph within the jacket.

Here are the steps to take if you wish to create a similar effect:

  1. Place the background paper inside the plastic protector
  2. Place the picture folder on top of the plastic protector where you want it to be
  3. Slide the picture folder to the right about 1/4 of an inch, so that the fold of the picture folder would overlap the plastic a little on the left side.  This keeps the plastic protector from tearing when people are viewing the page.
  4. Use an Exacto knife to carefully score the plastic.
  5. Use a pair of sharp pointed scissors to carefully cut along the scored line.
  6. Put sticky tabs on the back of the picture folder and slide it through the cut in the plastic and then push down on the plastic and picture folder to secure it in place.

300 x 250

2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

One of our first adventures of 2009 was a trip to the Mizpah Shrine Circus.   We went early to see all of the animals ahead of time, and we were fortunate enough to sit in the front row.  I purchased one of the programs which had trading cards of all of the clowns to sign.  My son had a great time trying to track down all of the clowns and getting their signatures.  You can see him getting a signature in the top left hand side of the right page.

For this page I decided to tear the cards out of the program and I used a corner cutter to round the edges of each of the cards.  To keep the look going I bordered all of the pictures that I took with white as well so that they all looked the same.

I chose bright fun colored shimmery background pages to hint at the fun and excitement of the circus, and made sure that I added my usual assortment of ephemera – ticket stubs, the title from the program, and a token from one of the clowns.

2008: Our First Snow

2008: Our First Snow

2008: Our First Snow

It snowed a couple of days after Christmas, our first snow together. One of the funny memories from this day is that I wanted to make snow angels.  My son said “I know what to do!” and then promptly deposited himself face done to make a snow angel.  I laughed heartily when he got up and had a face covered in snow!  I took some time to show him how to do it the correct way as can be attested to by the bottom left photo. 🙂

I used white and grey color themes on this page to enhance the feelings of the white/grey from that day.  I used a natural paper which was very thick to border my photographs.  If you look carefully at the corners of the photographs you can see that I used a corner punch to round the edges and stamp a snow patter into the corners of them as well.

I used my Cricut machine to cut some of the snowflakes and the titling for the page.  The remaining snowflakes came from a sticker pack.

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