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2013: Exchange Student Football Season

2013:Zest and Triple D

2013:Zest and Triple D

2013:Zest and Triple D

CraftsyOne of our family traditions is to try and visit as many Triple D locations as possible. Triple D  is a Food Network Show in which Guy Fieri showcases fun restaurants from around the country.  There is a list of all the ones he has reviewed at and we have been to quite a few of them.

This spread showcases our meal at Zest in Indianapolis, IN.  I tried all of the menu items that Guy reviewed on the show, and I must admit that they tasted great!

The color scheme for this page was taken from the logo of the restaurant which is orange, purple and pink.  I used a solid orange background page and then used torn scraps from other projects to add energy and life to the page.

The right hand page contains the menu, a business card, and a carefully hand-cut photograph of the logo in the window of the restaurant.

The left hand side contains pictures of the boys, our appetizer, my yummy meal, and the Guy Fieri “tag” that he leaves in every restaurant that he reviews.  For the “Tag” photo, the orange color of the wall in the picture did blend well with the background page, so I used a different orange colored border to create a space between the two oranges which helped for the colors to work better together.

2013: Triple D and Zest 2

2013: Triple D and Zest 2

The picture to the left is of the exact same pages but placed in the opposite order.  There are many times when I make pages like this that can be placed in either order.

I usually create an album full of pages before I actually insert them into the album all at once.  This way i can balance pages out across albums and I also have more time to decide how I want to place the pages like this one.

2013: Mississinewa 1812

2013: Mississinewa 1812

2013: Mississinewa 1812

CraftsyOne of the events that happens in our local area is Mississinewa 1812.

Wikipedia explains the Battle of Mississenwa as “an expedition ordered by William Henry Harrison against Miami Indian villages in response to the attacks on Fort Wayne and Fort Harrison in the Indiana Territory.”

When we arrived we discovered that much of the reenacting was not a reenactment of the Battle of 1812, as much as a display of the different kind of troops from various areas and Nations that were involved in the Battle of 1812 all around the country.  This didn’t matter too much to us as the whole experience was informing, exciting, and delicious!  The boys had opportunity to make fresh apple juice from an old juice press and we enjoyed our usual root beer, kettle corn, and turkey noodle soup.

For this spread I used recycled paper cardstock that has been printed on with black ink.  I then overlaid it with some scrap pieces of paper from previous projects to make it more interesting.

Each of the photographs was also bordered with scraps from other projects.  The photograph of the two boys near the 1812 sign is actually bordered with a thank you card that I cut down to size – the writing is still behind the photograph!  This came from a good friend who reads this blog – so if you recognize it let me know 🙂 .

As you know, I love to put ephemera on my pages – and this one includes a fabric bag that held candy, and a print of the liberty bell from an old printing press printed on hand made paper.  I also attached the program to the event on the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer could open it to read it.

2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

2013: Indianapolis Children's Museum

2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Paris ToursIf you haven’t figured it out by now – my sister has passes to almost everything attraction – this time to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

The special exhibit was of Avatar, so of course I had to theme the pages in blue.  The left and right borders are scraps left over from other projects, as well as the two horizontal bars on the left hand page.  If you look carefully at the top Horizontal bar you will notice that it actually forms the top of a pocket that is holding the museum map.  I created this pocket so that the map could be pulled out and viewed.  Usually I would stick the map to the outside of the plastic page protector, but in this case I had too many pictures that I wanted to display, so I hid most of the map behind the pictures.

Tip: Making a pocket in a scrapbook page:  I created the pocket by using my straight line cutter to cut a line across the middle-left 4 inches of the twelve inch page – leaving about one inch on the left side side of the page and 7 inches on the right side that is still connected.  I then turned the page over and put a piece of tape over the edge that is left connected on both sides – this helps to strengthen the paper so that it does not tear.  I then used a piece of card stock that is about 11 1/2 inches wide and taped it to the back of the page completely  sealing the border so that the brochure will not fall out.

The left hand page showcases pictures from the Avatar exhibit as well as a patch from the museum store.  The right hand page shows Luca, our exchange student, at some of the other exhibits.  Luca discovered that the plastic pipes for construction also made a great musical instrument!  The right hand page also displays Luca’s ticket for the museum and some “gold pirate coins” that were being handed out at the entrance way – the day we went it was apparently pirate theme day – I wish I had known because I have a sweet pirate costume!

I like to use tickets on my pages as they usually have the date and time printed on them as well as the name of the event/place.  This way I don’t have to include too much journaling on the page as that is not part of my preferred style.

2013: Famous Dave’s

2013: Famous Dave's

2013: Famous Dave’s

120 x 240I know that most of you probably don’t create scrapbook pages for restaurants that you go to eat out at.  but – this was our first time at Famous Dave’s and I felt like I had to celebrate the occasion – and besides – this was our exchange student’s first BBQ experience – at least with us!

Unfortunately the picture that the server took of us didn’t turn out too well because of the light shining in the window – but I did manage to get some pictures of signs and BBQ bottles within the restaurant which helped to finish out the page.

The left hand page is actually covered with our to-go bag! And I used a red background page on the right hand side to compliment the color of the bag – and the feel of our tongues!  We felt obligated to try the Wilbur’s revenge XXX hot sauce – and it was hot!

I could not fit all of the pictures on the page, so I tilted the BBQ sauce bottle to look like it was pouring and affixed it to the page – I then used my paper cutter to cut it in alignment with the top of the page.

I placed the menu from the restaurant on the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened by the viewer, and we could get tempted to go back for more!

2013: Paintball Birthday Party

2013: Paintball Birthday Party

2013: Paintball Birthday Party

My son and I share a birthday – and for 2013 we decided to celebrate by inviting our best friends in joining us to shoot at each other at White River Paintball.  I let my son decide how the teams were going to divided up and he decided that it would be he and his friends against me, my friends, and my family.  What he didn’t think about is that my brother-in-law was trained in the military and two of my friends had extensive paintball experience.  Needless to say that the “adults” won all of the rounds – but I don’t think that the teens cared too much!  Afterwards the teens celebrated their loss at Golden Corral.

Live Well Sports: Live More ActiveI had a lot of fun putting these pages together and I used mostly scraps from other projects.  I always save the scraps because they often can come in handy for livening up another spread.  I bordered all of the pictures with the same light green paper and then used corrugated paper and cork board to make the accents.  I pushed  a decorative pin through some of the accents to add more interest and depth to the spread.

You will  notice that all of the pictures of us playing paintball have the company logo on them – this is because they took pictures of the event throughout the day – since I ordered a birthday party package.  They then posted the pictures on facebook – and I was able to download and print them.  This was an awesome bonus to the event because I did not have to worry about carting a camera around all day.

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