2016: Pacer's Game - Hickory Night

2016: Pacer’s Game – Hickory Night

2016: Pacer's Game - Hickory Night
In November of 2016 we went to an “Hickory” night at Banker’s Fieldhouse for a Pacer’s game. At Half Time they honored the actors from the movie “Hoosiers“, so it was quite a fun night.  The athletes and the cheerleaders wore throwback uniforms and all of the cheer gear was in maroon and yellow, instead of the Pacers Blue and Gold.

For this page I used a lined background paper as it looks like a basketball court.  The yellow and maroon color scheme was taken from the program and the “Thunder Stick” that cuts across both pages.  I bordered all of the pictures and ephemera in maroon, as used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the border on the left hand page. As usual, I placed the tickets on the page as they show the event, date, and time, and decreased the need for journaling.  I also took the program, which was quite thick, and pulled it apart carefully to take out all of the advertising pages, and left just the important pages in it.  I then affixed it to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer could open it to read it.

Scrapbook Customs Pacers Pride Scrapbook Kit

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