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Europe Vacation: Ephemera Page

Europe Vacation: Ephemera Page

Europe Vacation: Ephemera Page

I wanted to show you my final page in my two volume Europe Vacation Scrapbook.  The left hand page shows my plane tickets and my internet card which was necessary before the proliferation of wireless internet and internet in hotels in Europe.  What I wanted to highlight is the right hand page which is a pocket page for holding ephemera.  If you look carefully you will notice a CD in a plastic envelope in the top right corner.  It is my habit to keep a disc of the pictures with the album so that if I ever need to reprint some, or see all of the pictures from the trip, that it is available with the scrapbook.  For safety, I always have a backup on my computer as well.

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Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

After coming down My Pilatus on a cog train, we made a wonderful stop in Lucerne, Switzerland.  We enjoyed a crazy meal at Stadtkeller, a restaurant with amazing food and entertainment – yodeling, spinning coins in bowls, accordions, and boisterous singing.  For this page I included the menu from the restaurant and a small flag that came stuck in a piece of meat.  Since the Swiss flag is red I chose to border the menu and pictures in red.   I did not really have enough pictures to make a two page spread so I took opportunity to display the Swiss Francs that I collected on the trip.  I had originally planned on using a red background to match the left page color theme, but realized that the coins stood out much better against a black background.  I again used plastic pockets to hold the coins so that I would not need to glue them to the page.

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Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – Sunset and Sunrise

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland - Sunset, Sunrise

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – Sunset, Sunrise

While I was on the top of Mt Pilatus I got some great sunset pictures and then decided to get up early in the morning to get some sunrise pictures as well. The sunset pictures are on the left and the sunrise on the right. I used a white border that I cut to look like clouds for the pictures. I used a cloud picture for the background on both pages but felt that I needed to tone it down on the right hand side to better fit with the yellow and orange tones in those pictures. I accomplished this by using a light pink vellum sheet and placing it over the top of the cloud paper. I also outlined the white cloud border in pink so that the borders did not come over too strong. The mountains at the bottom of the page are a store bought border that was placed on top of the background page. To add depth to the page I put the mountain border over the far left picture.


Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Live Well SportsI am going to feature two spreads for this post as I used a technique that involves both spreads.  But first, the background to the event.  We had opportunity to white water raft in Austria and the in the first picture, the left hand page is a picture that was taken of us on that trip.  Unfortunately I did not do any journaling and I can’t remember then name of the river, just that I had a blast doing it.  The lesson to be learned is to always journal the important details so that you can remember them later.

The right hand side of the first picture shows the ephemera for our tram ride up Mt Pilatus, Switzerland, where we stayed at a hotel at the top!  More on that hotel later.  I used a corner cutter technique that I think turned out very well on the borders to the ephemera.  I cut them out and then carefully placed white paper behind the cut which really made the cuts stand out.  You will also notice that the journaling asks the reader a question and the arrow invites them to the next page – which in fact ties this right hand page to the next spread (see the second picture):

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland - tram ride

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – tram ride

The journey to the top of the mountain took 1.5 hours and we had to change trams part way through the journey.  I placed the photos from the bottom left to the upper right to give the impression of the height of the mountain.  I used a pre-made tree border at the bottom of the spread and actually covered some of the pictures.  This was what a good portion of the ride felt like as we were surrounded by trees.  If you look at the right hand side you will see two Hotels.  The top one is the one that we stayed in which was the original hotel.  Queen

Pilatus (mountain)

Pilatus (mountain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Victoria stayed in this hotel.  The second one, which looks more modern, was built later and was completely round – we ate supper and breakfast the next morning in this building.

If you look carefully in the bottom picture you can see a tiny chapel that was built way up in the mountains.  Notice that the picture of the modern hotel has been cut along the outline of the mountain. This was done so that all the pictures could fit together without overlapping important parts, and I really like the way this turned out.  I did this very carefully with a precision pair of scissors so that the cuts would be perfect.  Be careful when considering doing this as you could end up ruining the photograph.

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Europe Vacation: Liechtenstein and Hopfgarten, Austria

Europe Vacation: Lichtenstein and Hopfgarten, Austria

Europe Vacation: Lichtenstein and Hopfgarten, Austria

We made a very short stop in Liechtenstein and I had just enough time to stop in the official government building to get my passport stamped (the only place other than London that was stamped on this trip) and take these two pictures of the Royal palace.  That evening we stayed in a guest house in Hopfgarten, Austria and it was dark when we got there so I didn’t get to take any pictures.  If you run into this situation make sure to collect postcards and ephemera so that you don’t have blank space in your scrapbook.

This page shows how you can bring completely different locations and events together on to one page by bordering the pictures and ephemera in the same border.  Often when I do this I make sure that my journaling explains each item on the page so that I can remember later :).

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Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany – Olympic Stadium

Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany - Olympic Stadium

Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany – Olympic Stadium

Our next stop was in Munich, Germany.  We visited the Olympic Stadium and I got some incredible pictures.  I used a blue marker to do the title and journaling, and it has faded and is now difficult to read.  The Munich Olympics were scarred by the Palestinian terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team.  Steve Prefontaine, a famous long distance runner, also ran in this stadium.

I chose a color scheme for this spread that I would not choose now as I don’t think that it works very well.  However there are two things that I did that make it worthwhile sharing this page.  If you look on the left hand side you will notice that I corner punched the background paper to add interest.  After I punched it I used small pieces of the same paper I used for the picture borders to place behind the cut.  I also did something similar on the journaling block using the background paper from the left hand page. You may not be able to tell from the photograph, but I put the ticket from riding to the top of the Olympic Tower in a plastic pocket to protect the other elements of the page since it contained acid that would eventually fade or stain them.

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Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp – Part 2

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp

In stark contrast to the buildings of Mauthausen Concentration camp, were the rest of the grounds.  At one point these had been covered with concentration barracks, but now the area contained a large graveyard, and memorial statues.  We could also observe the remainder of the quarry where so many had lost their lives.  This part of the camp seemed strangely serence compared to the harsh realities of the museum.  Part of what was interesting about this experience was that for the only time on the trip almost everyone walked by themselves in silence, and when we left the bus was quiet for a long time.

I wanted to reflect this serenity on the page and so choose greens to bring the observer back to a state of peace while viewing the book.

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Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthasen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

The hardest part of our trip was visiting Mauthausen Concentration camp in Austria.  In the midst of fun and museums and art and food we were faced with the reality of Europe during World War 2.  Mauthausen was a quarry concentration camp were many were worked to death.  But as part of the “Final Solution” many were killed outright here as well.

I wanted these pages to reflect the gloom and solemnity that I felt while I was here so I chose a muted plain gray for the background.  The barbwire border was created using a wave edge ruler to make a wave pattern and then off centering it and doing it again.  I then used a fine tipped marker to mark the barbs on the patter to make it look like barbed wire.  I also placed the photographs in a square symmetrical pattern to represent the walls of the camp and the increasing trap that they had become.

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Europe Vacation: Vienna, Austria – Schönbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace

Europe Vacation: Vienna, Austria - Shonnebruhn Palace and Hofburg Palace

Europe Vacation: Vienna, Austria – Schonbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace

This page showcases two different palaces that we visited while in Vienna, the Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Palace. Schönbrunn is famous for its immaculate gardens and I wanted to highlight this by using a green color palette. If you look closely you will also notice that the left hand page background is grass.

There are two techniques that I used on this spread that I had not used before. The first is that we used a corner cutter to cut flowers into the photographs and I am pleased with the way this turned out. It works best if you have a solid background behind the cut. You also have to be very careful in making the cuts because if you make a mistake it cannot be rectified and you may lose the picture.

The second technique was to use a shaped edge ruler to make the design around the end of the right hand page using a silver marker. I also then used a sliver of the solid background from the right hand page on the left edge of the left page and used the silver liner edge technique on that. This simple trick can add depth or symmetry to your work.

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Europe Vacation: Vienna, Austria – Vienna State Opera House

The next stop on our trip was Vienna, Austria. We were fortunate enough to be there on a night that there was a Mozart concert at the Vienna State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper).

This was a page that I struggled with quite a bit. I didn’t really have enough for two full pages, but also didn’t have another site or event that would complement this event. So, for the right hand page I selected a paper that had a large design to help fill space. The left hand page is actually mounted on a full page piece of vellum that has the line musical score built into it. I mounted the vellum on white paper so that the score would show clearly. The musical note on the left hand page is actually mounted under the vellum. I used a corner cutter to cut the borders so that they could hold the pictures and the ticket. If you look closely at the Title block for this page you will realize that I turned the corner cutter around to create a unique design in the Title block.

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