What is MASCrapping?

It is NOT Mass Crapping! 🙂  It is pronounced Mas-Skra-Ping.  It is a play on Masculine and Scrapping.  I.e., Masculine Scrapbooking, a blog for men who scrapbook.

Why did you create this blog?

Our family has had a long tradition of creating books that hold our family memories. My Grandfather and Grandmother both kept books of newspaper clippings, scripture verses, and poems. My mother created early 1970-style scrapbooks of our family vacations and in the 1990’s started creating some contemporary style scrapbooks for our family.

In 2002 I went on a 30-day tour of Europe, and I knew that I wanted to create a scrapbook of that experience. So, while I was in Europe, I took good pictures, carefully journalled each night about the day, and collected ephemera along the way for the future scrapbooks. When I returned to the States, I spent a couple of weekends at my parents’ house and completed three albums, all of which can be seen on this blog at Europe Vacation 2002. These are the first pages that I shared on the blog.

In 2008 I adopted my son, who had very few pictures of his life up until that point (8 years old), and I knew that the scrapbooks that my mother had made for me were important for my memories, and I committed that I would create those for him and started doing so immediately. Now, 15 years later, and having created scrapbooks for three exchange students as well I have made well over 1000 scrapbook spreads!

In 2013 I grew weary of always sending pictures of my scrapbook creations to my interested relatives, and so I decided that I would create this blog as a way of easily sharing what I was doing with my friends and family, and it has grown from there!

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