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High School Football Scrapbook Design Ideas

High school football is an exciting time for many students, and a great way to capture those memories is through scrapbooking. Whether you’re creating a scrapbook for yourself or for someone else, there are a few key design ideas that can make your high school football scrapbook page stand out. In this blog, we’ll go through some design ideas that you can use to create a memorable and unique scrapbook page.

  1. Start with a theme: Before you start creating your scrapbook page, think about the theme you want to convey. This could be based on the team’s colors, the season, the rivalry games, or a particular memorable game. Once you have a theme in mind, you can choose design elements that fit with that theme.
  2. Use team colors: One of the easiest ways to make your high school football scrapbook page stand out is to use the team’s colors. Use patterned paper or cardstock in the team’s colors as a background or use colored borders to frame your photos. You can also use stickers or die-cuts in the team’s colors to embellish the page.
  3. Include action shots: Action shots are a must-have for any sports scrapbook page, especially for high school football. Make sure to include photos of the players in action, such as catching a pass or making a tackle. You can also include photos of the team running onto the field, huddling up, or celebrating after a big win.
  4. Highlight the team’s achievements: Whether the team won a championship or just had a successful season, make sure to highlight the team’s achievements on your scrapbook page. You can use stickers, die-cuts, or even create your own titles to showcase the team’s accomplishments.
  5. Include memorabilia: Adding memorabilia to your scrapbook page can make it even more special. This could include a ticket stub from a game, a program, or even a piece of turf from the field. Make sure to use adhesive that won’t damage your items, and consider using page protectors to keep them safe. (VIEW instructions for how to preserve football helmet stickers)
  6. Get creative with titles: The title of your scrapbook page can set the tone for the entire page. Instead of just using a standard title like “High School Football,” consider getting creative with your titles. You could use a pun or play on words, use the team’s motto or slogan, or even use a quote from a coach or player.
  7. Use typography to add interest: Typography can be a great way to add interest to your scrapbook page. Consider using different fonts for your titles and journaling and play around with the placement of your text. You could also use different colors or styles of letters to make certain words stand out.

In conclusion, designing a high school football scrapbook page can be a fun and creative way to capture memories. By using team colors, action shots, memorabilia, and creative titles and typography, you can create a scrapbook page that truly captures the excitement of the season. Whether you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or just starting out, these design ideas can help you create a memorable and unique scrapbook page that you’ll treasure for years to come.

View Mascrapping Football themed pages HERE.

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