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2013: Road Trip: Kansas

2013: Road Trip Across America: Kansas

2013: Road Trip Across America: Kansas

Wedding Paper Divas SaleThis is the last spread in our road trip across the United States.  By this point I had been driving for 4 days and I was pretty exhausted.  I was forgetting to take pictures, and frankly there wasn’t too much to take pictures of in Kansas anyway!

But I did remember to take a picture at the Welcome Center at the border of Kansas, and the attendants inside gave me a packet of sunflower seeds!  So that was about all I had to put in the scrapbook.

I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with this spread when I discovered this wonderful sunflower background paper and just decided that this whole spread would be themed in yellow.  Don’t be afraid to use a full page picture like this, especially if it helps to drive home the point of your theme.

On the right hand page I attempted to create a feel of a basket which also served as a holder for the Kansas map.  I put the entire packet of sunflower seeds (including the seeds!) on the page and glued them down.  They are now in Sweden so I hope that I didn’t break any international laws about seeds!

Scrapbooking tip: Welcome Centers and rest stops often have free maps of their state and local area. So they make nice free ephemera for your scrapbook, and serve as an educational tool for others who are viewing your scrapbooks.


2013: Road Trip: Colorado

2013: Road Trip Across America: Colorado

2013: Road Trip Across America: Colorado

Grand Canyon Tours From LAThis spread continues the roadtrip and the experience in Colorado.  You will notice in the bottom left hand corner is a picture of Casa Bonita, which I highlight on the spread right before this one.

I had a lot of fun creating this spread – it highlights pictures from several of the things that we saw while we were in Colorado.  One of my favorite things about this page is the picture with the large stuffed bear which is in a truck stop in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.  A friend of our exchange student had this exact same picture taken with this bear about 2 weeks later and I realized it when I saw it on Facebook.  It really is a small world sometimes.

To make the page more interesting I tore some background papers to create the layered border effect on the left hand side of the page.  I also tore some transparent paper to create a holder for the Colorado Map.  I affixed it to the paper with brads so that there would not be a residue on the transparent paper from a sticky tab or glue.  The brads create just enough pressure to help hold the map in place.

Scrapbooking tip: Welcome Centers and rest stops often have free maps of their state and local area.  So they make nice free ephemera for your scrapbook, and serve as an educational tool for others who are viewing your scrapbooks.

While the buffalo head coin seems a little random on this page – I purchased it at the same truck stop as the stuffed bear and thought that it would serve as a nice souvenir for our exchange student from the United States.


2013: Road Trip: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

2013: Road Trip Across America: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

2013: Road Trip Across America: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

As I got to scrapbooking this part of the trip (Utah and Colorado) I realized that I had 3 pages of material for each of these two States.  I didn’t want to create a total of 4 spreads for six pages, so instead I used this buffer spread between the two States to accomplish this.
300 x 250The left hand page showcases our time in Salt Lake City at the Temple Square, the headquarters of the Mormon Church.

The right hand page showcases our favorite restaurant in Denver, ColoradoCasa Bonita.  I will be real honest that the food at Casa Bonita isn’t that great – but the atmosphere makes for a fun experience.  They have Mariachi bands, puppet shows, magic shows, and even cliff divers.  The restaurant is very dark, and unfortunately none of my pictures from inside the restaurant turned out very good and I had to resort to using a postcard that I bought at the gift store.

Putting a serious religious monument right next to a crazy restaurant experience could have been a dangerous thing, but I used the background papers to tie the two events together.  The left hand page is elegant and old.  The right hand page mimics the elegance, but changes color to match the colors in the postcard of the cliff divers.


2013: Road Trip: Utah

2013: Road Trip Across America: Utah

2013: Road Trip Across America: Utah

160 x 600Once the conference in Idaho was over we started the Road Trip back across the country. The plan was to stay with different sets of friends along the way and to stop and see a couple of sights in each location.

For the background of this spread I purchased a US map – which was expensive!  To make sure that I got the whole route on the page I highlighted the route that we took to get back home with a red marker. I place a gold dot in each city where we spent the night.  I then took the background pages (white) and put them over the top of the map so that I could make sure it lined up.  I then used a pencil to mark about half and inch around the border.  I then cut the map out along the pencil line.  The next step was to make a long straight cut down the middle of the map for the middle break in the spread.  I affixed the middle edge of the map to the middle edge of the background paper using sticky tabs.  The final step was to carefully fold the edge of the map over the edge of the background paper and then I used tape to affix the map to the back of the background paper.

After leaving Idaho we entered Utah where we stayed with some friends in Salt Lake City.  Our friends took us on a nature hike and we got to see snow in the middle of June!

I was trying to figure out how to get all of these items on the spread and still be able to see the red route.  To solve this I had to slightly offset the right hand most picture by raising it a little bit.  A second thing that I did was to create a pocket with a bottom border (gold) to slip the map of Utah into so that it can be pulled upwards and out.  On the left hand page the gold border is affixed directly to the page the entire length.

I also used a cutout from another scrapbook travel set to journal directly onto to explain what we had been doing on the road trip.


2013: Road Trip: White Water Rafting in Idaho

2013: White Water Rafting in Idaho

2013: White Water Rafting in Idaho

The last day that we were in Idaho we took advantage of the National Parks in the Area and we went rafting on the Payette River, with the Cascade Raft and Kayak Company.
Live Well SportsWe had a wonderful day together and I would recommend it to anyone.

The rafting company had a professional photographer take pictures during our tour and I bought the whole CD, which was pretty expensive, but it was the only way to have photographs of the experience, and I wanted for us to remember it well :).

I wanted this page to reflect the feeling of the day so I put all the pictures at difference angles to mimic the rocking and rolling motion that we felt for most of the trip.

I used two different “wave” background papers to also add to the feeling of motion and water on the page.  I want to highlight the brochure so I made sure that the darker paper was large enough to fill in the space behind the brochure.  This brochure is affixed to the outside of the plastic sheet protector so that the viewer can open it.

You will also notice that there is some of this same background paper forming a border on the left hand page to help bring balance to the page.

2013: Road Trip: Idaho and Oregon

2013: Trip to Idaho

2013: Trip to Idaho

Yellowstone Tour PackagesI had a conference in Idaho that we were trying to get a group of people to, and we realized that we could get there cheaper if we drove, so I planned a road trip across the country.

Originally our exchange student was supposed to drive out to Idaho with us, but the date of the High School graduation was changed, and he wanted to see his friends graduate.  So he stayed behind for graduation and then flew out to Idaho to meet us.   So, for his scrapbook I did not include the trip out to Idaho, and his pages pick up once he joined us.

It became a game for him to try and get to as many of the States as possible, and when we realized that we were only 30 miles from Oregon we took a quick trip to cross the border so that he could say that he had been in another State!

I create this page to look like an old school photo album complete with fake corner photo tabs that I made from black construction paper and a pair of scissors.

Also to fit the “old school” style I also journaled by hand on the page.  This is not something that I usually do since it is not my style, but for this spread I thought that it would look good, and i also felt that I should explain to the viewer why our exchange student was all of a sudden on the other side of the country.

The left hand page show pictures from our quick excursion to Oregon, and the right hand pages showcase pictures and ephemera from the Conference that I was attending (ACSD).  The ephemera includes Jonathan’s name tag for the event, and a Northwest Nazarene University sticker that I bought at the hosting Institution’s bookstore.

It seemed that everyone was getting a picture sitting on a large Elk statue that was on campus so we took part in the tradition as well.  I had an Elk brad left over from an earlier Colorado Hiking Trip spread (Which I haven’t yet shared on this website) so I thought that it would be appropriate to add to the page as well.

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