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2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

160 x 600I have taken a several month detour to share the scrapbooks from our year with our exchange student, but now I am going to return to our regularly scheduled programming of the first few years with my adopted son. We will pick back on up Christmas Eve of our first Christmas together:

I had purchased a Santa Claus outfit on Ebay and asked my father to wear it on Christmas Eve to hang up the stockings.  We were staying at my Aunts House and my son and I were sleeping in the living room in a pull out bed.  Once my son had fallen asleep my father came into the room to hand the stockings up and my son woke up.  He started shaking me to wake me up and he whispered “Santa is here” – it was the cutest thing.  My dad kept putting presents around and my son was watching from under the covers.

My mother came into the room and I was able to capture her kissing my dad – my son got upset that grandma was kissing Santa Claus and thought that Grandpa would be mad!  It took a little while and then he realized that Santa was actually Grandpa!



2007: Our First Christmas

2007: Our First Christmas

2007: Our First Christmas

This is the front spread to our First Christmas pages. The other pages are pages that I am not going to show on this blog (Sorry, but they are kind of personal, and I am not really excited about how they turned out).

What I wanted to highlight on this page was the snow flakes and the Title on the left hand page.  I was trying to decide what to do with our Christmas cards from our first Christmas together – and I decided to cut the snow flakes and the Title out of them using my Cricut machine.  This actually took quite a bit of work to coordinate all of the cards so that the letters came out correctly – but it was a fun way to use the cards and to not just throw them away.

The right hand page is a picture of my Aunt’s Christmas tree, where we spent our first Christmas together.  My parents flew out to California, and met my son for the first time, which was exciting for all of us.

2007: Christmas – Coronado and our First Tree

2007: Christmas - Coronado and our First Tree

2007: Christmas – Coronado and our First Tree

I know that it is in the middle of the summer, but this is where I am in going through my scrapbooks! So – we are nearly at half-Christmas so I think that this is perfectly acceptable to blog about now :).

This spread chronicles the beginning of our first Christmas together.  On the left hand side is ice skating at the Hotel Del in Coronado, CA.  I love these pictures because of the palm trees and the ocean in the background.  As usual we arrived half an hour before the skating rink opened, so we were the first people on the ice which lasted about 15 minutes, before it packed out and was difficult to skate.  I particularly enjoy the picture of my son following the little girl in the red skating dress.  The snow flakes and the title on this page were cut with my Cricut machine.  I purchased the the line drawing art of the Hotel Del on

The story that ties these two pages together is that I bought a Coronado Christmas ornament in the gift shop at the Hotel Del, and that ornament immediately went on to our new Christmas tree, which you can see on the right hand side.  Up until this point I had never decorated a Christmas tree for myself as I was always spending Christmas at another family members home.  So, because I had a new young boy in the home I knew that I had to do it up right.  And therefore I spent about $1500 getting a perfect artificial tree (I am allergic to live ones) with all the trimmings, complete with a train set running around the bottom.   The background page was a pre-printed page that I really liked and didn’t do too much else to the spread.

2007: Birch Aquarium

2007: Birch Aquarium

2007: Birch Aquarium

One of the advantages of living in San Diego is that everyone wants to come and visit :)!  So, I felt the need to buy season passes to all of the local attractions to save money while giving friends and family the local sights tour.  One of our favorite places is the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

This spread is another example of mixing photographs from various trips to the same location.  If you look carefully at the pictures you will notice that my son has different outfits on in some of the pictures.

I used a pre-printed background page set and then added some of my own elements.  The blue round “air bubbles” were cut with my Cricut machine and I added the fish sticker on one of the “bubbles”.  I purchased the iron on patch at the Aquarium store.  I often will buy patches to put in scrapbooks, since they are usually pretty cool, and we don’t really iron on patches on to any clothes that we have.


2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

2007: Pirate's Dinner Adventure

2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

As part of our Thanksgiving 2007 trip to Los Angeles we went to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure with our good friends Tira and David. Tira was a friend of Brandon’s when he was thinking about adoption and really encouraged him to move forward in the process. Tira is a professional photographer and later took pictures of our adoption day. View Tira’s website –>

This first spread includes a flag and a pirate hat from our adventure.  I didn’t want to glue the flag down, and it would not stick with sticky tabs, so I used my Crop-a-dile Big Bite Punch to insert eyelets/grommets into the corners to hold it on to the page.  If you look carefully you will be able to see the green eyelets that I used.  In order to show as much of the flag as possible I used a fine point pair of scissors to carefully cut around our outlines in the photos.  I also had some wonderful stickers and embellishments to put on this page.  If you remember the Medieval Times page – my son was posing with his sword – apparently he wanted to keep the theme here and was using a flag to attack our friend David – in a friendly way of course!

2007: Pirate's Dinner Adventure 2

2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure 2

This second spread showcases that my son was called up on stage to be part of the show – he loved that! Since it was Thanksgiving time they were having a Christmas theme – and he got to be a toy soldier – complete with a wooden gun – I don’t know how they pried that out of his fingers when it was over!

The pirate outfit in the left corner is from a Jolee’s Sticker collection – and is one of my all time favorites.  (Of course – I like pirates too!).

The pirate ship on the right hand side is actually a full page print on transparent plastic.  I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch again to hold it to the maroon background page using eyelets/grommets.  I placed this plastic sheet on top of the photographs and title  – which is why you see a little glare from the light when I took the picture of this spread.

2007: Thanksgiving

2007: Thanksgiving

2007: Thanksgiving

This page chronicles our first Thanksgiving Day together. We went out to eat because it is so much easier on everyone and we all get to eat what we enjoy eating!  Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing at my Aunt’s house and playing with the new Hogwarts Express train that I purchased to go around our Christmas Tree.  My son decided that he wanted to wrestle and horse around and my aunt got some great pictures of us playing together.

On this spread I used the tan and the olive backgrounds, and then used a second piece of each card stock to create the title, photo borders, and embellishments on the opposite color.   The Title and the embellishments were cut using my Cricut machine, and I used a corner cutter on the photo borders.

I also used a foam brush to dab gold and copper paint on the photo borders to help them stand out a little bit more than the rest of the page.  The border across the bottom is a piece of ribbon.  I used fray edge at the end of the ribbons to get it from fraying.  It is a type of glue that holds the threads together.

2007: Medieval Times

Another Adventure we had at Thanksgiving time in Los Angeles was going to Medieval Times with my Aunt and Great Aunt.  I created two double spreads for this adventure mostly because I found the wonderful background paper on the left above that perfectly fit the event.  I designed the whole let of pages of of this color scheme.  On the top of the right hand page you see some ephemera from the trip that announces that we went to Medieval Times.  If you look carefully at the pictures you will see where it came from in one of them.  This just goes to show that almost anything you collect on a trip can somehow make it into the scrapbook.

2007: Medieval Times 2

2007: Medieval Times 2

All of the letters and designs on this page where cut using my Cricut machine except for the Knight in the bottom left corner.  I purchased him at a local scrapbook store.  I bordered the photographs in black to match the theme of the page.  I used a corner cutter that created spaces to hold the photographs so that they would not need to be affixed to the page.

Did you notice that I made the mistake of buying my son a wooden sword?  In every picture he is attacking someone with it!

See the scrapbook from our trip to Medieval Times Schaumberg.

Tour L.A., Hollywood & More!

2007: Universal Studios

At Thanksgiving time we went up to the Los Angeles area to spend the holidays with my Aunt and Great Aunt.  I knew that my son would need lots of entertainment while we were there, so we planned several trips to do fun things.  The first excursion was to Universal Studios.  As is my modus operandi, we left early and arrived way early before the gates opened.  So we took opportunity to take pictures in the Universal City Walk. My son took great pleasuer in running up and down the escalators, and in playing in the fountain in the square.

All of the pictures are bordered with a handmade paper with silver specks on it.  If you look carefully you will notice that it didn’t cut very well and frayed, but I like the look that it created.  The Universal Studios logo on the top of the left page is a laser cut that I purchased at a local scrapbook store.  It is very fine, and was difficult to affix to the page, but I like the way that the silver stands out against the black background.

2007: Universal Studios 2

2007: Universal Studios 2

I had a lot of fun creating this second spread from Universal Studios.  At this point my son was not very interested in riding rides, in fact he hated roller coasters.  But he was very interested in meeting all of the Super Heroes, so we spent a lot of time standing in line so that we could get these pictures.  I was able to find this background paper in a local scrapbook store and if you look carefully at the left edge you will see that I painstakingly colored in the Spiderman to add some color to the page.  Also look to the left of the Goblin picture, and you will notice that I traced with a black pen, the text balloon, since it is right next to the picture of the Goblin and my son!

Another cool thing that I did on this page was to use a black permanent marker to add a border around the photographs.  But you will notice that I purposefully did not make them straight, but scraggly to match the borders of the cartoons on the background page.

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2007: Horseback Riding

2007: Horseback Riding

2007: Horseback Riding

When my son moved in with me I joined the YMCA for several reasons.  One was that we could take advantage of the swimming pools at several of the YMCAs in San Diego, another reason was that my son wanted to attend day camps in the summer put on by the Y, and we got a discount if we were members, and third, they had a special group for parents that was a parent/child group that had outings once a month that we could go on with other families.

One of the trips that we did with this group was horseback riding.  This was my son’s first time on a horse and he had a great experience.

I didn’t do too much exciting on this page, but I love the way that it turned out.  I used pre-made paper and Jolee’s sticker packets for the embellishments.  On the right hand page I surrounded the page with small gauge rope affixed with brads that go through the paper.  While this looks really cool, it made it very difficult to get into the plastic sheet protector and it has permanently warped the protector page.  If you look closely at the picture you can see this.

2007: Halloween at Legoland

2007: Halloween at Legoland

2007: Halloween at Legoland

As I started working on this blog I realized that this page is going to need a lot of explaining!  I have to set the context for the event.  The San Diego Fires of October 2007 had just happened and we had been cooped up in our small apartment without air conditioning and closed windows for about 4 straight days.  We knew that we needed to get out to restore our restless bodies and so we decided to go to Legoland for Halloween.  Our good friend Stephanie went with us.  They were having a Halloween costume competition and my son wanted us all to dress up – so we did – in our costumes from our “karate kid” night.  I was still wearing my air mask to filter out smoke as I have allergies.  So – I was accused of dressing up like a SARS victim (see left hand page top right photo)!  Which was not at all what I had intended!

The EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch - Venetian 3/4photographs on the left hand page are bordered in black with a new corner cutter that I had purchased and I thought that it was fitting for Halloween. I like this kind of corner cutter because it allows you to make frames that hold the pictures without the need for glue or sticky tabs. Click on the graphic to the right if you would like to purchase this corner cutter.

One of my favorite parts of this spread is the spider in the top left hand corner of the right page – it is about half an inch tall – so doesn’t fit under the plastic sheet protector very well, but it is a fun element.

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