Kentucky Derby Scrapbook Design Ideas

The Kentucky Derby is a historic horse race that has been held annually since 1875. It is known for its glamour, fashion, and overall sense of Southern hospitality. If you’re a fan of the Kentucky Derby and want to create a scrapbook to remember the event, you might be wondering how to design it to capture the excitement and style of the race. In this blog post, we’ll explore some scrapbook design ideas for the Kentucky Derby.

  1. Use a Classic Color Scheme

The Kentucky Derby is known for its classic color scheme of black and white with pops of red. Use these colors throughout your scrapbook design to capture the traditional feel of the race. Consider using patterned paper, stickers, or die-cuts with stripes, polka dots, or checkered prints.

  1. Incorporate Images of Horses and Jockeys

The main event of the Kentucky Derby is, of course, the horse race itself. Include photos of horses and jockeys in your scrapbook to bring the excitement of the race to life. You can use images of the horses and jockeys as embellishments, or you can use larger photos as focal points on your scrapbook pages.

  1. Feature Images of Fascinators and Hats

One of the most iconic parts of the Kentucky Derby is the fashion. Women often wear elaborate hats or fascinators to the event, so consider featuring these accessories in your scrapbook. Use photos of your own or images from the internet to show off the wide variety of styles that attendees wear.

  1. Include Quotes and Sayings

The Kentucky Derby has its own unique vocabulary, with phrases like “Run for the Roses” and “Mint Julep” being well-known to fans of the race. Incorporate these phrases into your scrapbook to add an extra level of authenticity. You can also include quotes from famous jockeys or racehorse trainers to add some historical context to your scrapbook.

  1. Use Vintage or Retro Elements

The Kentucky Derby has a rich history that dates back over a century, so consider using vintage or retro elements in your scrapbook design. Use images of vintage race posters, or use antique-looking papers and embellishments to give your scrapbook an old-fashioned feel.

  1. Incorporate Racing Silks

Jockeys wear brightly colored racing silks during the race, which represent the colors of the horse’s owner. These silks can be incorporated into your scrapbook design by using patterned paper or ribbons in the same colors. You can also create your own racing silks by drawing or printing them onto cardstock and cutting them out to use as embellishments.

In conclusion, there are many ways to create a beautiful and memorable scrapbook to commemorate your experience at the Kentucky Derby. By using classic colors, incorporating images of horses and jockeys, featuring photos of fascinators and hats, including quotes and sayings, using vintage or retro elements, and incorporating racing silks, you can create a unique and stylish scrapbook that captures the excitement and tradition of this historic horse race.

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