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2013: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

2013: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

2013: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

While in California we had to spend a day at the Beach.  The water was cold but we got in it for a little bit.  It was the end of December after all!

We went to Venice Beach and then walked all the way to the Santa Monica Pier where we enjoyed a seafood meal at Mariasol – a restaurant at the end of the pier.

The Santa Monica Pier is the official Western end of Route 66 – later in 2014 we visited the eastern most edge in Chicago.

I chose Hawaiian beach print for the background pages and then placed the photographs in a simple square pattern.  I had two fish push pins that I place in the center of the photographs, and I had to include the business card from Mariasol.


2013: California Science Center – Endeavour Space Shuttle

2013: California Science Center - Endeavour Space Shuttle

2013: California Science Center – Endeavour Space Shuttle

Our next adventure on our California Christmas trip was a visit to the California Science Center which is home to the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

This was a page that was fun to create.  I chose vintage mechanical background paper to match the colors from the logo on the left hand side of the spread.  This logo came from the paper bag from the gift shop.  Then, to add to the interest on the page I used recycled printed paper to create borders for the pictures and the ephemera.

Luca wanted to ride the high ride bicycle at the museum and stood in line for an hour to get a turn so I wanted to make sure that I showcased those photographs.  Levi and I were too tall to ride :(.

Speaking of standing in line – we purchased tickets online to see the Endeavour ( a good idea because they sell out very quickly onsite) – and still had to wait in a very long line before we could get in to see it.  But, this is a must do if you are going to the Science Center.

The Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the 1984 Olympics, is right next to the Science Center so I made sure I included a photograph of the boys in front of the entrance as well.

I attached the visitor map to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer can open it up to see the inside contents of the map.

2013: Universal Studios

2013: Universal Studios

2013: Universal Studios

Another adventure that we had while in California for our Christmas break was a trip to Universal Studios.  We gave Luca, our exchange student, the choice of which amusement park he wanted to visit while in LA, and this is the place that he chose.

As usual we arrived early so that we could get into the park first to get on popular rides before the lines became too long, and we were glad that we did.  You can see from the top left picture that we were taking pictures at the park when the sun was still rising!  We had pretty much done everything before 1pm, so we ate lunch in the park, and then left around 2pm.  The lines for some of the rides when we left were over 3 hours long.

I purchased lanyards and ticket holders for our tickets – they are a little expensive – but I have learned that I like to have them for the scrapbooks once the event is over.  I also purchased the ability to have electronic versions of the ride pictures so that I could print them myself for the scrapbooks.  Since I was creating a scrapbook for each of my boys I knew I would need multiple copies and it was cheaper to order the pictures this way.

The ephemera on this page includes the park map, a gold logo which I cut out from the bag from the gift shop, and a pair of 3D glasses which was mistakenly brought home.  I carefully used an exacto knife to cut off the ear pieces so that it could lay flat on the page.  I also affixed the park map to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer could open it.

View pages from our other Universal Studios trips:

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2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n’ Stuff

2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n' Stuff

2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n’ Stuff

After Christmas Day we wanted to see some of the local sites.This spread highlights two completely separate activities.  Many times I scrapbook a single activities on a full two page spread, but sometimes there are not enough photographs or ephemera to justify the use of two pages.

To emphasize that these are two different activities I purposely chose background paper that did not go together so that they background pages themselves emphasize the uniqueness of each side.  I apologize for the fuzziness of this spread – I took the photographs as I was putting them together for Luca’s Goodbye party and didn’t realize that it was this fuzzy until the books were already back in Germany.

The left hand page highlights our time helping to decorate the City of Downey Rose parade float (see more in a couple of days when I post about our trip to the Rose Parade).  Since the background page is very busy, I used red solid paper to border the photographs so that they would stand out against the busy background.

The right hand page details our adventures at Golf N’ Stuff, and miniature golf and entertainment park that was featured in the movie “Karate Kid“.

The page also includes ephemera from the experience, plus a ticket stub from when we went to see “Saving Mr Banks“, which is an excellent movie.

2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

This page is an example of celebrating a theme rather than an event. I wanted to have a page that showed the Christmas traditions that we celebrated together.

However, since we were traveling to California for Christmas I did not want to pay for extra luggage to go all the way to California and then back again.  So we opened gifts from Luca’s parents while we were still at our home, and then actually celebrated Christmas with stockings once we were in California.  We did not have a big present opening on Christmas day as our trip was the Christmas gift to each other.  We gave each other small gifts in the stockings.

So the pictures on this page on not in chronological order, but rather a theme of gifts and activities.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I enjoy incorporating ephemera on my pages.  The Christmas ornament and the reindeer came off of gifts that were for Luca and so I made sure that they made it onto the page.

I used vintage Christmas themed background paper which is pretty busy, so I bordered the photographs in a solid green border paper so that they would stand out on the busy background paper.

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

Soon after school was over we started our Christmas adventure to California.  The next few days will share pages from our Christmas vacation that turned into a wild ride adventure before we got home.

As I was planning our trip to California I realized that it would be cheaper to fly into San Diego rather than into Los Angeles.  Since we wanted to visit people in both locations I decided that we would go to San Diego first.  We wanted to be with family in LA for Christmas, and ebcause we were flying into San Diego on the 23rd of December, I decided that we would have a slow start to our trip and stay at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites in San Diego, and then make the drive to LA on Christmas Eve.

The left hand page has pictures from Humphrey’s and the airplane tickets for Luca from Indianapolis to San Diego.  The right hand page shares the story of our Christmas Eve morning breakfast at a favorite restaurant of ours when we lived in San Diego – Shades – which is on the ocean front in Ocean Beach.

As we were celebrating the Christmas season in sunny California, I thought it was fitting to theme the pages in green and blue to remind us of the wonderful weather that we were having there.


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2013: Basketball at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

2013: Basketball at Banker's Life Fieldhouse

2013: Basketball at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

I am going to start off by saying “Don’t get too excited by the title – we weren’t watching the Pacers.”  A couple days after the Circus at the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse – we were back again for a high school basketball series of games.  It was a fun experience to sit close to the floor – something I have never done for a Pacer’s game.

For this spread I chose to use an orange theme to compliment the color of a basketball.  I also had a little bit of basketball textured paper left over from another project which I used as a centering mat on the right hand page.  The pages looked bland just using the orange background paper, so I added a torn piece of paper to the left hand side of the spread to create some additional interest on the page.

I used pictures from before the event to show the location of the vent, pictures from during play, and a great shot of the projection screen while it was showing our exchange student cheering.

As usual the ticket and the program from the event went on to the page as well.  I usually affix the program to the outside of the plastic protector sheet, but in this case I did not do that.  The program was thick and heavy and would have made the page difficult to turn if it were on the outside of the plastic protector sheet.  It also did not have much information inside other than ads that I did not think that the viewer would want to look at in the future.


2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

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As part of our Winter Season activities we joined my sister and her family at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. You would think that this might be a little too young for my two teenage boys – but they were thoroughly enthralled with the experience.

Most of the pictures were taken during the pre-show as my pictures from the event itself did not turn out very well due to poor lighting and fast movement.

Circus Hint: Get to the circus very early so that you can walk in when the gates open. This way you can get down to the pre-show floor entertainment early and get really close to the performers.

These pages are very simply designed as well, since the photographs and background papers are so busy. I chose to use the paint can background page to remind us of watching an elephant painting a picture during the pre-show. My pictures from that did not turn out very well, so the background paper serves to remind us.

You may be wondering why I put so many pictures of our exchange student on the page – it is because he was so enthralled by everything that watching him be engaged was as exciting as being there – so I took a bunch of pictures of him enjoying the festivities!

As usual I also attached ephemera from the event. I especially like using ticket stubs on my scrapbook pages, because they usually contain the date, time, venue, and event on them which eliminates the need for me to write it somewhere on the page (I don’t like my handwriting!)

2013: German American Club – Exchange Student Birthday Party

2013: German American Club - Exchange Student Birthday Party

2013: German American Club – Exchange Student Birthday Party

Since Luca is German we decided that we needed to take him to a nearby German restaurant for his birthday.  I thought that the German American Klub would be the perfect place.  We had some good food but were disappointed that only one person in the whole restaurant spoke German!

I should add that we decided to do this on Black Friday!  So we were a little tired from the previous night’s shopping.  We did not get up early to go shopping this year, because I wanted this to be a good surprise for Luca.

We got there a little early – i.e. before they even opened – so we had to get out and explore a bit, which created wonderful opportunities to get some pictures.  I often find that if I arrive somewhere early we fill the time with picture taking which leaves many options for me to choose from when creating the pages.  If we arrive just in time or late I often forget to take pictures afterwards, which makes for fewer pictures for the scrapbook!

This page has a simple design as there were many pictures that I wanted to get on the page.  I used a flat black background page and then cut yellow and red mats for the pictures to emphasize the colors of the German flag.

Side Note: I just bought tickets to Europe for Summer 2015 so that we can visit our exchange students – so not only am I looking forward to the trip – but there are going to be some great scrapbooks to work on for next year!!

2013: Exchange Student Football Season

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