Adhesive Tabs

Adhesives are an essential element in scrapbooking, as they are used to attach photos, paper, embellishments, and other decorative elements to a scrapbook page. There are many types of adhesives available, each with their unique properties and recommended uses. For example, double-sided tape is great for attaching flat items, while foam tape or dots can add dimension and depth to the page. Glue dots are ideal for attaching small or irregularly shaped items, while liquid glue provides a strong bond for heavier items such as chipboard or buttons. It’s important to choose the right adhesive for the job to ensure that your scrapbook pages will stay together and look great for years to come. With the right adhesives, scrapbooking becomes a fun and creative way to showcase memories and tell a story through photos and other keepsakes.

Several Types of Adhesives for you to try:

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