How to Create Beautiful Background Pages from Your Own Photos

One of the techniques that I have used over the years, is to use my own photos to create full background pages for my scrapbooks.  This brings a unique element to my albums.

Step 1:  Use to buy a heavily discounted digital scrapbook album.

Step 2: Use the Groupon code to access the digital scrapbook program/website and layout all of the photos that you want to use to create your background pages.  I sometimes use photographs from several events so that I can maximize the number I can get for the Groupon code.  Don’t forget that the digital scrapbook will come printed on both side of the paper, so don’t put your photos back to back or you will not be able to use all of them.  I usually put text on the backside of each page that says “Intentionally left blank” so that the company does not call me wondering why so many pages are blank.

Step 3: Order the album and wait for it to arrive.

Step 4: Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut the pages at the seam so that you can use as much of the picture as possible.

Step 5: Sometimes that album pages are smaller than 12×12 when you have cut them.  If this is the case – mount them to a background paper that is a similar color to the picture so that it does not detract from the picture itself.

Step 6: Use as you would with any background paper to create your beautiful scrapbook spread.


Examples using this technique:

2016: Branson - Panoramic

2016: Branson – Panoramic

2016: Pirate Adventure

2016: Pirate Adventure

2016: Holocaust Museum

2016: Holocaust Museum

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