Paper Cutter / Trimmer

A paper cutter or paper trimmer is essential for scrapbooking.  This tool is used to trim photos, cut paper to size, and to create borders for photos and pages.  The cutter/trimmer helps to create perfect 90-degree cuts.

It’s a cinch to cut straight lines when you use the 13 in (33 cm) Portable Trimmer. A unique easy-glide blade system yields precise, straight cuts, while an ergonomic, custom-fit handle provides a smooth grip over hundreds of cuts. The dual-hinged rail makes it simple to quickly load materials, measure, and cut from either side. Continuous measuring marks, rulers in inches and centimeters, and 1/4 in (0.3 cm) grid marks – along with a 16 in (40 cm) swing-out arm – help you measure for accurate results. Keep replacement blades in the convenient storage compartments on the underside of the trimmer. | Cricut Portable Trimmer | 13 in (33 cm) | Clear

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