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2015: In-N-Out Burger

2015: In-N-Out Burger
The last page of every scrapbook is a single page rather than a double spread. To end the second volume of 4 in this series I decided to create this one page spread of our must have trip (if you are in California) to In-N-Out Burger!  We decided to stop by here after our trip to the Getty Center so that we could further wait out the rush hour traffic in LA.

I chose the yellow and red theme to compliment the In-N-Out logo that can be seen at the top of the spread – that piece of ephemera is actually the workers hat that they gave us and I thought that it was perfect to go on this page.

The Westwood Village picture is of an incredible movie theater in LA that we walked by while walking to In-N-Out.

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2015: Getty Center

2015: Getty Center
One of our vacation days we decided to visit the Getty Center, an incredible art museum in Los Angeles.  When you arrive at the museum you are directed to the parking garage, and from there to an electric tram/train which takes you to the museum.  The trip on the tram winds through the hills and you get some great views of downtown LA.  We went in the afternoon, and realized that we were going to get stuck in bad LA rush hour traffic, so we decided to stay at the museum until we could see the sunset from one of the balconies and we got some incredible pictures which you can see in the spread above.  We also created an artistic photograph of our shadows on the rocks of one of the fountains.

In addition to our pictures at the museum, this spread also includes a postcard picture of the museum as well as the museum map and guide – which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view it fully.

I choose a blue/gray theme for this page as it plays off of the colors in Henry’s sweater as well as the colors of the brochure and the museum buildings.  The two strips on the right hand page are actually coffee stirrers from the coffee we had while waiting for the sunset to start.  These were my attempt at being artsy on the scrapbook pages about an art museum 🙂 .

Visitor Hint:  Go to this museum first thing in the morning.  We waited for 1 hour in line just to get into the parking building when we tried to go in the afternoon.  While it was cool to see the sunset from the museum, I would have preferred to not wait in such a long line of cars to get into the venue.

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2015: Golf ‘n Stuff and Vintage McDonalds

2015: Golf 'n Stuff and Vintage McDonalds
While in California we were able to do visit two iconic places – the first was to go to Golf ‘n Stuff, which was featured in the movie “The Karate Kid“, and we visited the oldest operating McDonald’s which is still operating and also includes a small museum.  Visit this Wikipedia site to learn about the history of this McDonald’s.

I was living near Golf ‘n Stuff in 1984 when the Karate Kid came out and when we recognized a favorite place of ours in this iconic movie we about went wild!  So every time I go back to CA to visit I make sure to stop by and remember my teen years.

For this spread I decided to combine these two events/places, because I did not really have enough to fill a double spread if presented independently.  So I chose a green background for the left hand page to represent the green of the mini golf course grass and then also extended this into the right hand side page to help the spread blend together.  For the left hand page I also used a red background, and cut a “golden arch” using my Cricut Machine.   I also cut the golf ball design for the left page using the Cricut Machine.

Notice that I used red to create the borders for the pictures on both pages to help tie the two sides together, as well as adding a double border of “golden arch” to the pictures on the right page.  If you look carefully at the bottom McDonald’s picture you will notice that the border is not square on the left side.  That was because I was trying to use the remaining cutout from the arch and I didn’t have quite enough to border both pictures.  I did not have enough yellow to finish this, so I decided to use it as is, and I actually ended up liking the way that it looked as it added some more curves to a spread that already had quite a few curves.

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2015: Hollywood

2015 Hollywood
After visiting Universal Studios Hollywood we drove the short distance to Hollywood where we met Henry’s extended family and went out for dinner.  We did all the things that you are supposed to do as a tourist – looked at the stars in the sidewalk (Hollywood Walk of Fame), visited Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and took our pictures with the Hollywood sign.

For this spread I attempted to duplicate the colors of the stars in the sidewalks in Hollywood and I cut out a full spread star for the left hand side using my Cricut machine.  I used the leftover cutouts to put a star on the right hand side as well.  I also carefully cutout a full black border for the right hand side using my Cricut machine, and then used the inside cut to border the star.  I did this so that the two pages would look like they were frames of a film strip, and it also gave some nice definition and a finished look to the spread.


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2015: Universal Studios Hollywood 2

2015: Universal Studios Hollywood 2
This is the second spread from our day at Universal Studios Hollywood.  I continued the green theme onto this page from the first page. This page highlights pictures from the “movie” part of the park including pictures from the Park entrance, the Studio Tour, the Animal Actor’s show, and the Jurassic Park area.

I put the ticket for the day on this page, as well as a clapboard (with the date that we were in the park) and film reels that I cut using my Cricut Machine.

Visitor’s Hint:   When visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, my suggestion is to get there before the park opens, and immediately go down the escalators to go on the Studio Tour.  Later in the day you can wait up to 2 hours to get on the tour.  Then when that is done go back up to the main level, and immediately go back down the other escalators to the lower lot (it usually opens 1 hour after the park opens).  That way you will hit both areas just as they open, then go back up to the main part of the park and at this point this part of the park has fewer people in.

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2015: Universal Studios Hollywood 1

2015: Universal Studios Hollywood
One of my Christmas gifts to the boys was to go to Universal Studios Hollywood – so on the day after Christmas we started our adventure early in the morning to be there when the park opened!  We had a great day and since we got to the park early we had actually done everything that we want to do by 2pm and where able to enjoy the rest of the day in Hollywood.  I created two spreads from our day in Universal and this is the first.

I chose the green color scheme for the page to compliment the green Grinch on the Studio Map.  This map is affixed to the outside of the plastic sheet protector so that the viewer can open it up to see inside.  The pictures next to the map are from the Studio Tour, which had a stop in Whoville to see a little production from the Whos!  The right hand page features some pictures from The Simpson’s Ride and the Despicable me Ride.  I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the minion (which was a favorite part of this project for me).

Another favorite part of this page for me is that I cut apart the massive donut box (our lunch – not healthy at all!) and used the clear top to serve as a center page for the right hand side page.

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2015: Christmas Tree

2015 Christmas Tree

2015 Christmas Tree

Christmas must always include a Christmas Tree. For Christmas 2015 my aunt bought a live tree and the boys helped to decorate it.  While they were helping I was taking some pictures, and I accidentally took a picture of my leg – but it turned out pretty “artistic” and I wanted to build a page around it.  So – this spread includes the picture that I was trying to take as well as my fun artistic one.  It also includes a Christmas card to our exchange student, Henry, that was in the shape of a Christmas tree.

I cut the two Christmas trees using my Cricut Machine, and they are actually both made from the same cuts, I just used the inverse of the cut for the second tree.  I used the remainder of the cuts from the tree to create the torn edge borders that are on the two pages to bring the color scheme together.  I also placed the full tree off center on the spread so that it overlaps on to the left hand page (If you look closely you can see the cut between the two pages.)

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2015: Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

2015: Venice Beach
The day before Christmas we decided that since we were in California that we had to go to the beach, and what better beaches to go to than Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier!  Since it was December the water was a little cold, but we made sure to put our feet in the water!

We started in Venice Beach and enjoyed all of the oddities there, including Muscle Beach,  and then we walked north on the Beach to Santa Monica and walked out on the pier to the beginning or end of Route 66 (Depending on which way you are going!).    On the Santa Monica Pier we stopped to get a picture at Bubba Gumps!

The theme for this spread was Beach (surprise!) and I used several different papers to create the page border effect.  I decided to push all of the pictures together to mat them.  This allowed for more space for the beach paper to shine.  Notice that on the left hand page that I cut the bottom left, and the top right pictures to fit in with the other two.  This was because they were landscape oriented and did not fit if they were not cut.

Notice also that I managed to get a shell that we collected from the beach on to the page as well.

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2015: Queen Mary

2015: Queen Mary

After visiting with Henry’s extended family for a bit, we headed out to see the Queen Mary, located in the Los Angeles harbor.  The Queen Mary was constructed starting in 1930 and had her maiden voyage in 1936.  She has quite a history serving as a luxury liner, then as a wartime troopship, and then finally back to a cruise liner.  She was retired in 1967 after her final voyage to Long Beach, California, where she now serves as a hotel and historical site.

Henry and I took the official tour, which I recommend doing, as you get to see some behind the scenes rooms, that General Admission guests do not get to see.  After the tour we wandered around the open parts of the ship and encountered some of the ghosts.

For this spread I chose an old world map background page for the left side, and a complimentary colored and designed background for the right hand side.  I chose these colors to match the color of the smoke stacks on the ship, as well as Henry’s red shirt.

The left hand page has a cardboard cutout of a ship that I cut out with my Cricut machine, as well as a business card, post card, and tour ticket.  I also attached the Guide map for the ship to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer could open it to see it fully.

The right hand page has two of the professional photographs that we had taken at the beginning of the tour (OK – so we didn’t see ghosts!), as well as two pictures of Henry that I took on the deck.  I choose to double mat the four photographs to give a little more definition on the busy background page.

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2015: Point Vicente

2015: Point Vicente

During our time in California, I took Henry, our German exchange students, to visit some relatives that he had never met before. On the way to their home we stopped at the lighthouse at Point Vicente.  It was a cool breezy day, but we got some great pictures on the cliffs, as well at the Trump National Golf Club.  We spent some time in the Point Vicente Interpretive Center and looked for whales but unfortunately did not see any.

For this spread I chose a sea theme and a seafoam blue color.   I used my Cricut to cut out the lighthouse, and then used this cutout to hold the brochure from the Interpretive Center.  I also added a small patch from the center on to the spread.

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