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2015: Flight to California

2015: Flight to California

2015: Flight to California

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog. I have been spending most of my creative time actually creating around 150 new pages that I hope to show on here over the next few months.

This spread is of our flight from Chicago to California and back.  the next few pages will show what happened in California in between the two flights!

For this spread I used photographs from the two flights as well as the ticket stubs and baggage tags.  We flew on Spirit Airlines, whose color is yellow, so I made the paper airplane cutout on my cricut and chose yellow accents to emphasize the airline colors.  The photographs are also bordered in yellow.  I love using this cloud background paper for airline or flight spreads as it helps the page to fell airy and light.

I like to use ephemera such as the tickets in my scrapbooking because it is a subtle way to show the dates that things happened.


2015: Thanksgiving

2015: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a new holiday for our exchange students, as it is a uniquely American holiday. So we like to make sure that they get the full experience. This year we went to my parents house for a couple of days where our exchange student met my nieces and nephews (they loved him if you can’t tell from the pictures), had traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, and then the next day had Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner and gift exchange at my sisters houses (with all of her kids).  They had a new kitten which we all enjoyed playing with (see if you can find him in the photographs).   We took Henry to Walmart on Thanksgiving night so that he could experience Black Friday and I think that he thought that we were all crazy (and he is probably right!).

I selected the background paper for this spread from a Fall paper book, and I cut the turkey out using my Cricut machine.  In order to give the wing a letter more definition I put a thick sticky tab underneath the wing to make it stick out from the page.  I did something that is not usual for me – I journaled on this page.  I did this because there were so many different things happening on this page, and I thought it would be important to explain them.

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Day

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Day
On Midsommer Day we went to Vattholma to see the traditional Tug of War contests. We were cheering for the Rasbo Pirates, who came second on this day, and also explains all of the pirate references on the page!  Basically tug of war teams from several small towns in the area come together on this day to have tug of war contests with each other.  It all happens with much fanfare and cheering and was quite an exciting event to be at.

I chose a green theme for this page due to all of the greenery in the photos that I wanted to use.  I bordered the pictures in green, and used a tan accent color to border some of the stickers to help them stand out.  On the left hand page you can see some of the caution tape that was used to cordone off the tug of war area, as well as a unique cone shaped popcorn container that we enjoyed at the event.  I had some popcorn photograph paper which I used to “fill” the cone with popcorn.  Both of these items were bordered in green as well.

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Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 3

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 3
We ended Midsommer Eve with a perfect meal outdoors on the deck.  There were all kinds of raw and cooked fish, cheeses, sauces, and even reindeer if I remember correctly!

For this spread I bordered the pictures in blue, and then in yellow, to celebrate the national Swedish colors, and then also carefully attached a streamer of Swedish flags which I purchased at a gift store later in the trip.  Each one is carefully glued on so that they do not move.

I ordered the background paper on Ebay before we even left for the trip and I felt that it worked perfectly for this spread. (hmm – did I mean the pages or the delicious food?)

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Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 2

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 2
This is the second page of our adventure at Disagarden on Midsommer Eve.  This spread includes a map and program from the day.  I bordered the program in pink and set it inside the plastic protector sheet so that it can be removed so that you can read all of the entries on the map page which is attached to the background paper.

On the right hand side of the spread are two sets of flowers that we collected on that day and carefully pressed in a book I was reading during the trip.  When we returned home I used a laminating machine to carefully press them to card stock, and then mounted card stock onto a pink background paper.  The laminating machine curled the card stock and so I used brads to affix the flower card stock to the page background paper.

While I realize that this page may not be quite as exciting as others, and also does not include any pictures, I wanted to highlight a unique form of ephemera that can be collected and included on scrapbook pages.

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Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 1

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 1
Midsommer is an important Holiday in the Swedish tradition, and so therefore is Midsommer Eve.  (Midsummer in English).   This day is usually celebrated in the country and involves maypoles, flowers, and eating outside.  More information can be found at these links:

Our day started at the Disagarden, which is part of the UppsalaMuseet (Uppsala Museum), and is an outdoor living museum.  It was the perfect place to start the day because the setting and the activities helped us to get the full authentic experience.

I chose blurry flower photograph background paper to remember all of the flowers from that day, and also cut out the top layer of the Date and Event from flower paper.  To help these words stand out I bordered them with a darker solid purple paper.  The letters were cut out using my Cricut machine.  The left hand page has 4 pictures from the maypole bordered in purple, and the right hand page includes 3 more pictures from the day, including Jonathan trying out some stilts.  I also included a picture of the entrance sign, which helps to place the location of the event on the page, as well as a maypole cut out that I bought at a gift store later in the trip.   I originally had a square border on these 4 items, but it looked to strong filling out the square, so I used a pair of sharp pointed scissors to carefully cut the outline of the maypole dancers.

If you look carefully at the bottom right hand corner you will see three wheat seeds which my son dutifully collected from this adventure.

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2014: New Years Rose Parade

2014: New Years Rose Parade

2014: New Years Rose Parade

50 Free Prints 160x600This day was the day that I was most excited about during our vacation in California.  I bought tickets to the 2014 New Years Day Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.  I spent over $100 a ticket so that we could be right in the thick of the excitement.  However I got violently sick right before the event started, went and threw up in a porta-potty and then spent the entire parade in my car in the parking lot.  It was very disappointing.  The two boys however got to see the parade and they had a great time.  I had my DVR record the whole event so I got to see it on TV when we got back home.

The background paper on the left is a picture of roses, and on the right a textured pink paper.  I used pictures that the boys took of the parade, and also included a flyer that was handed out at the event.  As you can expect of me by now, the ticket is on the page to show the details of the event.  My son, Levi, knows that I like to have ephemera for the scrapbooks, and he collected the colored confetti strips that you see on the right hand side of the spread, as well as cotton that fell off of one of the floats that you can see at the top of the left hand page.

My parents, who did not go to the parade with us, instead went to see the City of Downey Float, that we had helped to decorate earlier in the week (See scrapbook page of that experience), and my mother was able to collect some rose petals from the float and pressed them and sent them to me for the scrapbooks.  They are mounted on the top of the left hand page.  I was intending to use my Zyron Sticker Maker to laminate the petals to help preserve them, but I accidentally sent them through the machine with the sticker maker tape in instead of the laminating tape.  The rose petals were not strong enough for the sticker paper to come off without damaging them, so I had to mount them to the page with the white backing on.  While this was not ideal, the white backing does help for the petals to stand off of the page.  If I had realized this earlier I would have used a straight cut line to cut around the petals so that it looked cleaner.

2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

This page is an example of celebrating a theme rather than an event. I wanted to have a page that showed the Christmas traditions that we celebrated together.

However, since we were traveling to California for Christmas I did not want to pay for extra luggage to go all the way to California and then back again.  So we opened gifts from Luca’s parents while we were still at our home, and then actually celebrated Christmas with stockings once we were in California.  We did not have a big present opening on Christmas day as our trip was the Christmas gift to each other.  We gave each other small gifts in the stockings.

So the pictures on this page on not in chronological order, but rather a theme of gifts and activities.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I enjoy incorporating ephemera on my pages.  The Christmas ornament and the reindeer came off of gifts that were for Luca and so I made sure that they made it onto the page.

I used vintage Christmas themed background paper which is pretty busy, so I bordered the photographs in a solid green border paper so that they would stand out on the busy background paper.

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

Soon after school was over we started our Christmas adventure to California.  The next few days will share pages from our Christmas vacation that turned into a wild ride adventure before we got home.

As I was planning our trip to California I realized that it would be cheaper to fly into San Diego rather than into Los Angeles.  Since we wanted to visit people in both locations I decided that we would go to San Diego first.  We wanted to be with family in LA for Christmas, and ebcause we were flying into San Diego on the 23rd of December, I decided that we would have a slow start to our trip and stay at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites in San Diego, and then make the drive to LA on Christmas Eve.

The left hand page has pictures from Humphrey’s and the airplane tickets for Luca from Indianapolis to San Diego.  The right hand page shares the story of our Christmas Eve morning breakfast at a favorite restaurant of ours when we lived in San Diego – Shades – which is on the ocean front in Ocean Beach.

As we were celebrating the Christmas season in sunny California, I thought it was fitting to theme the pages in green and blue to remind us of the wonderful weather that we were having there.


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2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

This is a page that I debated showing on this blog.  The reason is that I do not really like how it turned out.  I like the concept but I think that I did not choose the right background paper.  I am a little strange in that even if I don’t like the way something turned out – I usually do not go back and redo it – mostly because I always have new pages to do.

The story behind this spread is that I bought a Red Rider BB gun for my son for Christmas.  I had planned this out ahead of time and our family watched “The Christmas Story” the night before so that we could warn him that “you will shoot your eye out!”

He had been asking for this gift for a long time and I knew that he would recognize the box and know that he was getting this gift.  So I wrapped it up and put it under his bed the day before because I knew he would not look there.  Then I made a riddle trail for him to follow to find his gift.  These pictures are all one step along the path to finding his gift.

I used a Creative Memories Circle cutter to cut the pictures into circles and a slightly larger one to cut the border circles which I brushed lightly with gold paint. I offset the pictures within the borders to add some interest and movement to the page.  I used a hole punch to punch the holes in the borders and then thread the ribbon though the border holes to show the path that he had to take to find his gift.

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