How to create an opening folder on a scrapbook page

Sometimes you have a picture from an event that comes in a protective folder that you want to keep and be part of the scrapbook. However it can’t be used if you use plastic protector sheets. Below is an example and some instructions on how I was able to get the folder to open even with the plastic protector sheet:

First – A picture of the page with the folder closed:

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Royal Table - 1

And now a picture of the folder open:

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Royal Table - 2

I carefully cut a slit in the plastic page protector for the folder to slide through so that the picture of us with Cinderella is still under plastic. I did this by:

  1. Placing the background paper inside the plastic protector
  2. Placing the picture folder on top of the plastic protector where I wanted it to be
  3. Sliding the picture folder to the right about 1/4 of an inch, so that the fold of the picture folder would overlap the plastic a little on the left side. This keeps the plastic protector from tearing when people are viewing the page.
  4. Using an X-Acto knife to carefully score the plastic.
  5. Using a pair of sharp pointed scissors to carefully cut along the scored line.
  6. Putting sticky tabs on the back of the picture folder and sliding it through the cut in the plastic and then pushing down on the plastic and picture folder to secure it in place.

Here are some links to other pages where I have used this technique:

And below is a video tutorial of this process:

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