How to preserve football helmet stickers

2012: Football Memorabilia - Exchange Student


I love ephemera – the items that you collect to add to your scrapbooks.  I came to a dilemma however when I was trying to figure out how to preserve the stickers from my son’s football helmet at the end of the season.  The players were told to take the helmets home and remove all of the stickers.  Well, I knew that I didn’t want to throw them away so I had to figure this out.  Here is the process that I went through to save the stickers:

2013: Football: Ephemera


Step 1: Use an X-Acto knife to carefully and slowly remove the stickers.

Step 2: Put the stickers, which will retain a lot of stickiness, onto a plastic page protector.  This will ruin the page protector when you move them again, but will keep the stickers from sticking to other things, and from picking up lint, which will make it difficult to re-stick them later.

2014: Football 5


Step 3: Find a background paper that has a slick surface.  The stickers do not stick well to paper or cardboard.  I have found that metallic papers work best as they are very smooth.

Step 4: Carefully peal the stickers off of the plastic protector sheet, and place them onto the background paper.  Remember that once you have placed them on the background it will be almost impossible to re-position them – so get it right the first time.

2015: Football 4


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