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2016: Louisville Slugger Factory

2016: Louisville, KY
Louisville, Kentucky, has a lot of options for tourists. One of the stops that I think that everyone must make is the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory.  This was our second visit to the factory and museum (See 2013 visit).  The factory still operates in this location, but they have an amazing museum and factory tour that is great for all ages.

Visitor Tip:  When you get to the location go and get your factory tour tickets first as they will be set for a certain time – then go and look at the other parts of the experience.  This way you won’t waste time waiting for your tour after you have seen everything else.

For this spread I used some pre-designed Louisville, KY paper that I purchased at the factory store.  I focused on the river front on the left hand page (which we actually did after the factory visit), and highlighted the factory visit on the left hand page.  I did this because I did not have enough pictures for 4 pages to do two double spreads – but I didn’t want to leave anything off and only do 2 pages.  The right hand side includes the ticket to the factory to serve as a date and time stamp for the page.  i used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the double border on the right hand side of the spread.


2016: Louisville Slugger Factory

For this second spread I used two different baseball themed background papers, and bordered the photographs in green to match the color of the grass.  I also included a sticker bought at the factory store.  On the right hand page I used two of the same brochures and mounted them so that each one showed one of the sides of the brochure.  I did not put a border on these as I wanted as much of the background paper (baseball stadium) to show through.


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2016: Mega Caverns Bike Adventure

2016: Mega Caverns Bike Adventure
As our year with our exchange student was coming to end I wanted to take one more family trip together. So we decided to go down to Louisville, KY. On the way down we saw a billboard for Bike Adventures in the Mega Caverns and decided that we had to try it out.  There are so many activities to do in the Caverns including guided bike tours, a tram tour, a zipline tour, a high ropes course, and a bmx jump course.  The caverns are actually a former limestone mine that has been converted to an adventure park, and a huge underground storage area.  We only had time to do the Bike Adventure, but we were able to make it back at a later date to do more.

Visitor Tip:  You will get dirty at this location – take a spare set of clothes to change into.

For this spread I chose vintage machinery background paper to hint at the former mining purpose of these caverns.  I used a black paper border for the pictures, and included a patch that I purchased at the onsite store, as well as the brochure, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open it to read.  At the top of the right hand page is the entrance wristband which has the date written on it.  This serves as a date stamp for the spread.

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