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2015: Indiana State Fair 2

2015: Indiana State Fair 2
This is the second spread from our trip to the Indiana State Fair.  I combined two parks of the Fair into one spread – on the left we have the animals – including the World’s Largest Boar, and on the right we have the amusement park rides.

For the left hand page I used a weave patterned paper, and placed the photographs tightly together.  I used brown strips to add dimension to the page, but they also helped to tie the two pages together through the brown color.  At the bottom of the page is the amusement ride bracelet which allowed the boys to ride the rides.  I got a kick out of the sheep in the bottom right picture – he looks like a knight from Monty Python!

The right hand page has a roller coaster themed background paper, and I also placed the photographs tightly together on this page.  The boys enjoyed the rides – I enjoyed sitting down and watching them.



2015: Indiana State Fair 1

2015: Indiana State Fair 1
The day after the Colts game we went to the Indiana State Fair. This was actually my first time going to the fair and it was a lot of fun. We got there early, which was a great idea for parking, and for seeing and doing a lot of things before the place became crowded.

This page has so many things on it!  So lets start with the background papers that I used – a bale of hay and burlap!  Both things that make me think of farming – and the theme for this year was “The Year of the Farmer”.  Starting on the left we have the program cover – the book was too thick to put in the album, so I took the cover off and mounted it directly onto the plastic page protector so that the viewer could open it to read it.

Next you have a deep friend Oreo – which was delicious, and a massive pumpkin!  On the right hand page there is a sculpture carved from cheese, a picture of Henry on a tractor, and a picture of Henry with a massive truck, which he thought was awesome.  The coin at the top right hand side was stamped by an old steam powered press, and the paper at the bottom right was from a pad of paper that was given to me in one of the pavilions.

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2015: Colts Game

2015: Colts Game
This was my second time ever at a professional football game – and the first for Levi and Henry!  Attending the Colts game was part of the birthday present for Levi and I.  I don’t like to pay a lot of money for sports tickets so our seats were really high up!

I used a blue background with white picture borders to mimic the Colt’s uniforms.  As usual I got the tickets onto the page as they help to show the date and time, so that I don’t have to write.

Something fun that happened was that I Instagramed a picture (the bottom right hand one) at the game and it ended up being used on the big screen during the game.  The picture of the screen is in the middle of the right page, and I used an arrow to show that it was the same picture!

Something else that is fun on the page is the small NFL sticker in the bottom right hand corner.  We went to the pre-game tailgate party and they were handing out rally flags.  On the bag was this “Official NFL” sticker and I carefully peeled it off of the bag and placed it on this page.  One of my favorite things about scrapbooking is figuring out how to get unique ephemera to fit on the page.

2015: Rodeo

2015: Rodeo

We love taking our exchange students to the rodeo, as it is truly an American tradition in the Midwest.  It is always interesting because in our area they are also very patriotic, and this is too is a new experience for them.

Henry looked great in his plaid shirt, and my borrowed cowboy hat – so I decided to border the pictures also with a plaid paper.  I was also able to get a newspaper article from the local paper and added that to the page as well.

The horse was cut using my Cricut machine, and the hay border helped to bring balance to the page.

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