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2016: Senior Pictures Pockets

2016: Senior Pictures
Many of our exchange student’s friends gave him their senior pictures. I was trying to figure out a way to put these into the scrapbook without it taking up too many pages, and without permanent sticking them down so that the backs could not be viewed.

What I settled upon was using this striped background paper to make a series of pockets to slide the photos in so that they could be taken out later to view, this allowed me to get many photos on the page.  The way that I accomplished this was that I used my paper cutter to cut exactly along the lines, leaving about one inch on either side.   I then taped scrap strips of paper to the back of the page to make pockets that would keep the photos from slipping down.  Since each page had 4 pockets on it, I had to be careful to make sure that the pockets did not overlap.

Reminisce PS-200 Photo Shoot Scrapbook Collection Kit

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