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Europe Vacation 2015: Ephemera

Europe Vacation 2015: Ephemera
This is the final back page of this trip.  I usually use the back single page of an album to keep ephemera from the trip that didn’t fit, or didn’t make sense in other parts of the albums.

On this page you will see a color photocopy of my passport complete with all of the stamps that I got during this trip (not many since the EU allows travel between countries now), a small bag with some stickers from locations we visited that I didn’t use on the other pages, and a pocket which includes our itinerary, maps, and some other papers from the trip.  The pocket was made by carefully slicing the background paper, leaving about an inch on each side.  Ont he back I use scotch tape to reinforce the paper right next to the ends of the slice cut so that it doesn’t tear further, and then I tape another piece of cardboard to the back to help hold the bottom part of whatever I am putting in the pocket.

This is a great way to finish an album, and hold onto items that you don’t want to lose.


Europe Vacation 2015: Vasa Museum 2

Europe Vacation 2015: Vasa Museum 2
This is the second page from our visit to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.  It contains only ephemera from the trip since my photographs are all on page 1. I did this primarily because I did not have very many good pictures from the museum, since it was so dark, and I had a lot of ephemera.  The museum has a wonderful museum store with many things to buy.

On the left hand page is a laser wooden ship and a large postcard of the whole ship – this was nice to find since it was difficult to get good pictures.  The right hand page contains another postcard of the intricate carvings on the back of the ship as well as a book of stamps (closed), the rubber bracelet, and part of the paper bag from the museum shop.

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2008: Adoption Day Party

2008: Adoption Day Party

2008: Adoption Day Party

I shared yesterday that I created a digital scrapbook of our adoption day so that I could share copies with our friends and family. But – I still needed to create a page to showcase the ephemera from the day.

This page has no photographs on it, and only ephemera. The left hand page background is actually a helium balloon that we were given and I cut it carefully and folded it around a piece of 12×12 cardstock and taped it to the back.  I also included cards that we were given on that day, and some tokens and tickets from Chuck E Cheese.  Chuck E Cheese’s also usually have a photo booth where it will create a line drawing of you and put the date on it.  it usually only costs one token (25 cents) and is a great way to have a date stamp on your ephemera.

I do not usually do this, but in cases where there is a good collection of ephemera from an event or trip that don’t fit on other pages with photographs, I create an ephemera only page.  Here are some other examples:

Thoughts on Adoption: I really can’t leave out a plug for adoption here.  Adopting my son has been the best thing that I have ever done in my life.  It is better than all the trips I have taken, and more rewarding than the degrees that I have earned.  While it is not easy, and can challenge often, I would not trade this experience and my son for anything in the world.   Please take some time to visit the adoption sites listed below:

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Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

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As is my custom on vacation scrapbooks – I create a page at the end of the album to showcase the ephemera that doesn’t fit on other pages in the album.  I have done the same here for our Washington DC trip:

  • A picture of my son with President Barack Obama!  Actually it is a fake picture that was created at the Old Post Office.  If you watched Amazing Race this last Sunday it was the exact place where the contestants had their pictures taken as one of the activities to accomplish.
  • A plastic map of Washington DC.  It was well used and banged up.  I created a pocket for it to slide in and out of.
  • Our Metro Rail tickets for the Week.  TIP – This is an excellent way to travel around the city at a relatively cheap price.  There is hardly anywhere to park in DC, so this is your best choice. Find out more at
  • A picture of my son with break from Paul.  He loved this little restaurant and bread shop and we stopped here several times.


Canada Cruise 2010: Ephemera

Canada Cruise 2010: Ephemera

Canada Cruise 2010: Ephemera

As I was coming to the end of this scrapbook I had several pieces of ephemera that had not fit in on another page.  So – I decided to make a page dedicated to just ephemera.  On the left hand page are some stickers that we purchased on the trip, the tag that came with the trinkets that are on the Bay of Fundy page and coins that we collected while we were in Canada.

Canada Cruise 2010: Ephemera Closeup

Canada Cruise 2010: Ephemera Closeup

On the right hand page is a folder that I received our professional photographs from the trip in.  As you open it up (see closeup to the right), you can see that I added in some supports and I placed all of the newsletters and schedules from the cruise in the folder.  This was a wonderful way to have all of the details of the trip in one place.  I did not put a plastic page protector on this page so that it would be easier for readers to access the schedules.


Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

This is another page that isn’t particularly outstanding but I wanted to share a unique use of ephemera with you.  This page shares our arrival in Corfu in the Greek Islands, and a day spent by the pool relaxing.  The map of Corfu on the left hand page is actually a place mat from the hotel that we were staying at.  If you look carefully on the right of the map you will see some stains left over from my breakfast that morning!  I have since learned that if the place mat is worth saving for ephemera that I should take it off the table before I eat.  I have also found that if you ask the waiter for a new one at the end of the meal as a “souvenir” that they often will bring you nice clean new ones.

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