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2016: City of Boston

2016: City of Boston
When I knew that we were going to be making the trip out to Boston I ordered a Boston City Guide (Order Here), to help me plan our time in Boston.  The guide came in a folder, and that folder is what is on this page.  The word “Boston” that you see in the picture, is actually the spine of the folder, and I cut the folder off center so that it would be to the right of the spread.

I used adhesive tape on the top, bottom, and right sides of the folder to create a pocket to hold ephemera from the trip – Maps and tickets, so that the reader could take them out to view them.  The Boston sticker and left hand side red border came from a Boston sticker set that I purchased online.

I decided to do this page because the picture on the folder showed a great view of the city, and it makes a great opening spread for the pages that follow.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages


Europe Vacation 2015: Ephemera

Europe Vacation 2015: Ephemera
This is the final back page of this trip.  I usually use the back single page of an album to keep ephemera from the trip that didn’t fit, or didn’t make sense in other parts of the albums.

On this page you will see a color photocopy of my passport complete with all of the stamps that I got during this trip (not many since the EU allows travel between countries now), a small bag with some stickers from locations we visited that I didn’t use on the other pages, and a pocket which includes our itinerary, maps, and some other papers from the trip.  The pocket was made by carefully slicing the background paper, leaving about an inch on each side.  Ont he back I use scotch tape to reinforce the paper right next to the ends of the slice cut so that it doesn’t tear further, and then I tape another piece of cardboard to the back to help hold the bottom part of whatever I am putting in the pocket.

This is a great way to finish an album, and hold onto items that you don’t want to lose.

Europe Vacation 2015: Flying to Hamburg

Europe Vacation 2015: Flying to Hamburg
On the 1st of July we fly from Stuttgart to Hamburg, to meet the family of our new exchange student who would come to spend the year with us in 2015-2016.  Since we had just spent a week a piece with our two former exchange students, it was different to meet our next exchange student in his home before he had been to ours.  The Ollmann’s greeted us at the airport and immediately took us on a tour of Hamburg.

This page shares the flight, and some ephemera from our time in Hamburg, Germany.  We flew Air Berlin and we very impressed – we managed to get seats with lots of leg room which is a necessity for two 6’4″ guys flying together (Notice the picture of Levi on the top left hand page  – he is happy!).  This page also includes our Boarding passes for the flight, and a heart shaped chocolate wrapper that they handed us when we got off of the plane.  There is also a picture of our exchange student, Henry, holding up the welcome sign that he and his family had at the airport.

The right hand page has a map of Hamburg, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer can open it to see it better, as well as a screen cloth that the Ollmann Family gave us with art from around Hamburg.  I chose a yellow, black , and red theme for this page to highlight the colors of the German flag.

Sightseeing, Tours, Attractions and Things to do in Berlin

Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm

Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm
This page marks the beginning of a very adventurous day in the capitol city of Sweden – Stockholm!  While our plane landed in Stockholm we were whisked away to Uppsala right away, and now the Johansson family brought us back to Sweden to enjoy the day.

Our first stop was along the harbor to enjoy the panoramic view of the harbor and all of the places that we were going to see during the rest of the day.  I took a series of pictures of the harbor that I pieced together to put on this page.  Now, before you all start emailing me – I do have a panoramic setting on my camera and I could have created a picture that way – but I have found that they are very expensive to get printed that way, and I like the staggered effect that putting the pictures together in this way has.

Also on this page are an antique map of Stockholm that is over 100 years old that I purchased on Ebay!  As well as a plastic coated map that I bought after the trip on Ebay as well.  You may ask why I did this and did not collect a map on the way, and the main reason was that I completely forgot to do so.  I like having the maps so that we can look at them later and find the places we visited on the maps.  This newer map is mounted to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it can be opened by the viewer.

The antique map is mounted inside of the plastic protector sheet that it came in so that I didn’t have to put a glue or sticker onto the antique map, and I used the brown background of that protector sheet as a border color for the other items on the page.

Sightseeing, Tours, Attractions and Things to do in Stockholm

2013: Road Trip: Colorado

2013: Road Trip Across America: Colorado

2013: Road Trip Across America: Colorado

Grand Canyon Tours From LAThis spread continues the roadtrip and the experience in Colorado.  You will notice in the bottom left hand corner is a picture of Casa Bonita, which I highlight on the spread right before this one.

I had a lot of fun creating this spread – it highlights pictures from several of the things that we saw while we were in Colorado.  One of my favorite things about this page is the picture with the large stuffed bear which is in a truck stop in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.  A friend of our exchange student had this exact same picture taken with this bear about 2 weeks later and I realized it when I saw it on Facebook.  It really is a small world sometimes.

To make the page more interesting I tore some background papers to create the layered border effect on the left hand side of the page.  I also tore some transparent paper to create a holder for the Colorado Map.  I affixed it to the paper with brads so that there would not be a residue on the transparent paper from a sticky tab or glue.  The brads create just enough pressure to help hold the map in place.

Scrapbooking tip: Welcome Centers and rest stops often have free maps of their state and local area.  So they make nice free ephemera for your scrapbook, and serve as an educational tool for others who are viewing your scrapbooks.

While the buffalo head coin seems a little random on this page – I purchased it at the same truck stop as the stuffed bear and thought that it would serve as a nice souvenir for our exchange student from the United States.


2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Getting There

2013: Orlando Spring Break Trip: Getting there

2013: Orlando Spring Break Trip: Getting there

For Spring Break 2013 we went to Florida to visit the Amusement Parks and the Beach.  Since we wanted to go to Sea World, Disney, and Universal the ticket prices were pricey (you get discounts for multiple days at the same parks, but not across the different parks).  So, instead of flying we decided to drive.  We started out after school ended on Friday and drove until I was too tired to drive and then I found a hotel that we stayed at.

We purposely took a longer route to Florida so that we could add to the number of States that my son and our exchange student had been to.  I used this page to highlight the routes that we took there and back.  Although it was crazy we drove all the way back in one day!

The background to this page is a real map that I cut to fit onto the pages.  BTW – it is expensive to do this – I had no idea that maps were so expensive!  I used a highlighter to mark the “there” and “back” routes.

The pictures on the left hand side of the spread are pictures at the Welcome Centers to each State as we crossed the borders.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get some of them since I was driving in rain and the dark and many of them on the way down there were closed.

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC Tours
As is my custom on vacation scrapbooks – I create a page at the end of the album to showcase the ephemera that doesn’t fit on other pages in the album.  I have done the same here for our Washington DC trip:

  • A picture of my son with President Barack Obama!  Actually it is a fake picture that was created at the Old Post Office.  If you watched Amazing Race this last Sunday it was the exact place where the contestants had their pictures taken as one of the activities to accomplish.
  • A plastic map of Washington DC.  It was well used and banged up.  I created a pocket for it to slide in and out of.
  • Our Metro Rail tickets for the Week.  TIP – This is an excellent way to travel around the city at a relatively cheap price.  There is hardly anywhere to park in DC, so this is your best choice. Find out more at
  • A picture of my son with break from Paul.  He loved this little restaurant and bread shop and we stopped here several times.


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