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2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – King’s Chapel and Burying Grounds

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - King's Chapel and Burying Grounds
The next two stops on the Freedom Trail are King’s Chapel and two different Burying Grounds – Granary Burying Ground and King’s Chapel Burying Ground. Many early American historical figures are buried in these two cemeteries.

You will noticed that I have tied this spread to the earlier Freedom Trail one by using the strip of bricks bordered in black.  The left hand page contains pictures from King’s Chapel as well as a brochure from the church, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view.

The right hand page contains pictures of tombstones from the two Burying Grounds – John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere.  I bordered all of the pictures in black to complement the black border on the bricks.  The double side edgings were created using a jagged edge tearing tool.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages


2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – Boston Commons

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Boston Commons
During one of the days that we were in Boston we walked the entire length of the Freedom Trail. I recommend this for anyone who is visiting Boston, it is an engaging and historical walk through history. Be aware though, that it is a lot of walking, and may not be a good idea for young children, or those with mobility difficulties.

This spread, along with the next 5 that I will share over the next few days, are all connected in one theme by using the strip of bricks that you see at the top of the page – you will see these bricks on all of the pages of the trail.  I did this, because the entire Freedom trail is marked with a path of bricks to make it easy to know where to go.  I had a couple of pages of brick wall paper, and I used my paper cutting tool to cut them into strips, and then I bordered them all in black to help them stand out.

At the top of the left hand page you will notice a picture of the trail marker at the beginning of the Freedom Trail.   I also put our Freedom Trail Ticket on this page.  You can buy this ticket at the beginning of the trail and it saves money and time by not having to buy individual tickets at the various historical interest venues along the trail (you will see most of them in the next few days on the upcoming spreads).  I also put two different Freedom Trail maps on this page.  They are affixed to the outside of the plastic page protectors so that the reader can open them to view them.

The right page page contains pictures from the Boston Commons, the Massachusetts State House, and the Park Street Congregational Church.  I bordered all of these in black to complement the black border of the line of bricks.


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2016: City of Boston

2016: City of Boston
When I knew that we were going to be making the trip out to Boston I ordered a Boston City Guide (Order Here), to help me plan our time in Boston.  The guide came in a folder, and that folder is what is on this page.  The word “Boston” that you see in the picture, is actually the spine of the folder, and I cut the folder off center so that it would be to the right of the spread.

I used adhesive tape on the top, bottom, and right sides of the folder to create a pocket to hold ephemera from the trip – Maps and tickets, so that the reader could take them out to view them.  The Boston sticker and left hand side red border came from a Boston sticker set that I purchased online.

I decided to do this page because the picture on the folder showed a great view of the city, and it makes a great opening spread for the pages that follow.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

2016: Boston Trip Title Page Version 2

2016: Boston Trip Title Page version 2
This is the second version of the title page for our Boston Road Trip Vacation.  Since I took our exchange student on this trip – I built his pages right into the 4th album of his year with us, and so this was the page within that album that introduced the trip.  For our family I created a separate album, and the title page for the album can be found at 2016: Boston Trip Title Page.

I chose background paper that us a map of the United States  and then used a red marker to trace out the route that we took on the trip.  I have done something similar on a couple of other pages:

  • Trip around Bodensee – where I attached a map with the route that we took.
  • 2013 Road Trip:  Used an actual map that I marked in red ink with our route, and then cut to fit the spread.

I also used pictures that we took at all of the Visitor Welcome Centers that we encountered along the trip and put them all on this page with the map.  The other items are Project Life quote cards that I used to journal on, and to add themed interest to the page.  I then bordered the photos and some of the quote cards in brown to complement the brown of the “Travel” card.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

2016: Boston Trip Title Page

2016: Boston Trip Title Page
This page marks the beginning of a new album. I took a trip with my exchange student to Boston, MA, where I was attending a conference. We made a road trip out of the journey there and back. On the way there we stopped at Niagara Falls, which I featured in an earlier blog.

This page is the Title Page for this trip.  I usually make the title page as the last project for an album so that I can capture all of the upcoming pages in the theme of the first page, and I think that I did a great job on this one.  I must apologize for the glare of the plastic page protector on the bottom of this picture – I struggled to take the picture without a glare.

For this page I used several pieces off unused ephemera and embellishments from the album creation process.  The background is the red striped paper, and layered over that is a walking map of Boston that I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear, along with the solid red border paper.  The black city outline with the yellow lettered “Boston” was an item I purchased from Etsy, but did not end up using elsewhere in the album.  The blue “Boston”, the gold church steeple, and the bird are left over from a Boston Sticker pack.  And the “Memories” card, and the red journal card both came from a Project Life card set.

It looks a little jumbled, but I really like this page, because it looks like a vintage scrapbook collection – the original way that scrapbooks used to be created.  I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you over the next few days.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack

2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack
This spread is an example of blending two different events together in one spread.   It showcases our trip to Taste of Indy, and our day at the Airstrip Attack.

The left hand page has the ephemera from our trip to the Taste of Indy.  Unfortunately I was so excited about trying all of the food that I forgot to take pictures!  The two wristbands at the top were our entrance tickets, and the tickets on the left hand side are actually food tickets that we decided not to spend.  I couldn’t buy anything with two tickets and I thought it would be nice to have them in the album.

The right hand page is of our day at Airstrip Attack.  Basically the event is car racing on an airport runway where cars do not have to obey the speed limit.  They set up two cars to race other, one race after another, all day long.  It is actually quite fascinating to watch.

I picked the color scheme off of the Taste of Indy brochures (Orange and Blue) and then used it on both pages.  Notice that the wristbands and the Airstrip Attack banners have the same two color borders, except that I put them in the opposite order.  The items on the left are bordered in orange, and the items on the right are bordered in blue.  The two background papers are also themed in the orange and blue color scheme.

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2016 SpringHill Camp

2016 SpringHill Camp 1
Almost every year for the past 9 years my son has attended SpringHill Camps in Seymour, IN. He loves being there, and I love the way that the camp engages him as a camper, and me as a parent. This year he went in the TST program – which is a program for High School students were they volunteer to help at camp, but also get to participate in the activities.

For these two spreads (Above and below) I chose a fun colorful theme to emphasize the excitement and enjoyment of camp.  I used complimentary colored border paper for the pictures, and made sure that some of the ephemera from camp made it onto the pages – things like wristbands, dog tags, and luggage delivery tags.

Note: I took these pictures after they were already in the album.  I normally take the pictures before I put them in the album as it is easier to get them to be flat.  See the picture of the swan above?  It looks crooked, but it is actually not – it is just an optical illusion since the page is not laying completely level in the album.

2016 SpringHill Camp 2
See the scrapbook of our first year at SpringHill Camp – 2008. He has grown up quite a bit hasn’t he?

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2016: Teaser Page for Summer Vacation – Branson, MO

2016: Teaser Page for Summer Vacation - Branson, MO
I would not normally blog about this spread because of it’s simplicity, but decided to because of its strategic placement in this album.  Our summer vacation for 2016 was to Branson, MO.  We had such a great time there and did so many things, that I needed to create a scrapbook just for that vacation.  But, I wanted to make sure that the scrapbooks remained in chronological order, so I created this spread to go in the collection of the Junior Year scrapbooks.

The left hand page is a pre-designed paper that I bought at a scrapbook store in Branson, but did not end up using in that album.  The right hand pages are Project Life cards that I wrote on to explain what this spread was, and to reference people to the full albums.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the double border on the right hand side of the spread.

You may be wondering “Where is the Branson Vacation Album?” – well – it will be posted in a few weeks, and when it is I will link to it from here.

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2016: Last Page for Exchange Student

2016: Last Page for Exchange Student
I have done this for each of our three exchange students.  For the last page of their albums that I create for them I write a letter and put it on the last page.  The reason for this is that it is often hard to decide what to put on the last single page in the album as it needs to summarize the album and conclude it, while doing it only on a 12×12 page. I created this page the day before he left and sent it with him on the plane.

The whole page is designed to hold an envelope for a personal letter than I wrote to him, sharing how much we enjoyed hosting him, and how much we were going to miss him. I wanted to put it in an envelope because it was a personal letter to him that I didn’t want other viewers to read.

I post all of my blogs to Pinterest as well, and this is what is interesting – my most popular pin is of this type of page from our first exchange student – view it here –>  Final Page on Pinterest.  What this tells me is that host families really fall in love with their students, and are looking for ways to share that care.

See the first two letters here:

Note: While this is the last page from this exchange student’s scrapbook collection. Henry and I took a trip to Boston at the end of his time with us, and I put his pages of this trip into his scrapbook album. However I created a duplicate album for myself of this trip, and I will start posting the pages from that album in a few days.

Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

I just want to put a little plug here for serving as a host family for a Foreign Exchange student. We had a wonderful time doing it – this was our third year – and we have had a great experience every time. My son loved having a brother and learning about new places, and it makes our home a little more active🙂

We used International Student Exchange for our agency and we had a great experience. I encourage you to go to their website ( and consider serving in this way.

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2016: Exchange Student Farewells

2016: Exchange Student Farewells
I actually created this spread after our exchange student left, along with an entire album highlighting our Boston Trip that occurred the week before he left to go home. I mailed this album to him after it was all done, along with some items that we found that he had left behind.

This was a hard page to create because it brought back a lot of memories.  The left hand page has a picture of Henry with all of his friends, the night before he left, and pictures of our family with Henry at the airport saying goodbye.

The right hand page has pictures that Henry’s mother sent me of them picking him up at the airport, so that I would know that he made it there safely!  I used some pre-designed background pages for this spread, and used a light brown border paper to compliment the background paper.

Notice that there are two pieces of paper tucked in behind the photos on the right hand page.  These are “temporary fake plane tickets”.  I told Henry ahead of time that I would create this page and that he should keep his tickets.  So when he got this page in the mail he could replace mine with the real ones so that he would have a place for them in the album.

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