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2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

2013: Beginning Of Our Christmas Adventure

Soon after school was over we started our Christmas adventure to California.  The next few days will share pages from our Christmas vacation that turned into a wild ride adventure before we got home.

As I was planning our trip to California I realized that it would be cheaper to fly into San Diego rather than into Los Angeles.  Since we wanted to visit people in both locations I decided that we would go to San Diego first.  We wanted to be with family in LA for Christmas, and ebcause we were flying into San Diego on the 23rd of December, I decided that we would have a slow start to our trip and stay at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites in San Diego, and then make the drive to LA on Christmas Eve.

The left hand page has pictures from Humphrey’s and the airplane tickets for Luca from Indianapolis to San Diego.  The right hand page shares the story of our Christmas Eve morning breakfast at a favorite restaurant of ours when we lived in San Diego – Shades – which is on the ocean front in Ocean Beach.

As we were celebrating the Christmas season in sunny California, I thought it was fitting to theme the pages in green and blue to remind us of the wonderful weather that we were having there.


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2013: Road Trip: Idaho and Oregon

2013: Trip to Idaho

2013: Trip to Idaho

Yellowstone Tour PackagesI had a conference in Idaho that we were trying to get a group of people to, and we realized that we could get there cheaper if we drove, so I planned a road trip across the country.

Originally our exchange student was supposed to drive out to Idaho with us, but the date of the High School graduation was changed, and he wanted to see his friends graduate.  So he stayed behind for graduation and then flew out to Idaho to meet us.   So, for his scrapbook I did not include the trip out to Idaho, and his pages pick up once he joined us.

It became a game for him to try and get to as many of the States as possible, and when we realized that we were only 30 miles from Oregon we took a quick trip to cross the border so that he could say that he had been in another State!

I create this page to look like an old school photo album complete with fake corner photo tabs that I made from black construction paper and a pair of scissors.

Also to fit the “old school” style I also journaled by hand on the page.  This is not something that I usually do since it is not my style, but for this spread I thought that it would look good, and i also felt that I should explain to the viewer why our exchange student was all of a sudden on the other side of the country.

The left hand page show pictures from our quick excursion to Oregon, and the right hand pages showcase pictures and ephemera from the Conference that I was attending (ACSD).  The ephemera includes Jonathan’s name tag for the event, and a Northwest Nazarene University sticker that I bought at the hosting Institution’s bookstore.

It seemed that everyone was getting a picture sitting on a large Elk statue that was on campus so we took part in the tradition as well.  I had an Elk brad left over from an earlier Colorado Hiking Trip spread (Which I haven’t yet shared on this website) so I thought that it would be appropriate to add to the page as well.

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

The last day of our cruise!  We pulled into New York harbor in the morning and we enjoyed a breakfast while entering the harbor.  It seemed that most people were skipping breakfast to get ready to disembark, but we had a late flight and I decided that we were going to enjoy every last minute on the boat.

It turned out that that was a good decision as we were seated at breakfast with Richard H. Wagner, the editor of who has been over 50 cruises and writes about his experiences on all of them. As you can see from the blue debarkation luggage tags that I used as borders on the right hand page – we were in group 17 to leave and so we enjoyed standing on our balcony and watching the local harbor traffic until the very last minute.

I was able to get some wonderful pictures of the bridge and the Statue of Liberty in the morning sunrise, as well the tugboats that helped to gently push us into our dock.  If you look closely at the right hand picture you will see that there were two people out on kayaks, and it struck me how small they were compared to the cruise ship that we were on.

Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

The next adventure that we are going on together is a Cruise to Canada.  My son and I had never been on a cruise before, so we decided to take a short cruise from New York to Halifax and St Johns in Canada.  This was a shorter experiment as I was worried about a cruise for a couple of reasons:

  • I get seasick!
  • I was worried that I would get bored during the days at sea.
  • My son is energetic and I was worried that he would feel claustrophobic and bounce of the walls, and I was worried that I would want to throw him overboard 🙂

But thankfully, none of this happened 🙂  I used motion sickness oil that you put behind your ears and I was fine – and there was so much to do on the ship that neither one of us ever got bored.

For the Title page I used a pre-printed page with Canada already written on it in white.  I added the black “Canada” which is a laser cut that I bought on  The  date was cut using my Cricut machine.  I found the bagpipes while on the trip, but they are not really meant to be for a scrapbook as it is almost a half and inch thick – but I thought that it would be amazing to have in this scrapbook.

I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you over the next three weeks!

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Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Live Well SportsI am going to feature two spreads for this post as I used a technique that involves both spreads.  But first, the background to the event.  We had opportunity to white water raft in Austria and the in the first picture, the left hand page is a picture that was taken of us on that trip.  Unfortunately I did not do any journaling and I can’t remember then name of the river, just that I had a blast doing it.  The lesson to be learned is to always journal the important details so that you can remember them later.

The right hand side of the first picture shows the ephemera for our tram ride up Mt Pilatus, Switzerland, where we stayed at a hotel at the top!  More on that hotel later.  I used a corner cutter technique that I think turned out very well on the borders to the ephemera.  I cut them out and then carefully placed white paper behind the cut which really made the cuts stand out.  You will also notice that the journaling asks the reader a question and the arrow invites them to the next page – which in fact ties this right hand page to the next spread (see the second picture):

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland - tram ride

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – tram ride

The journey to the top of the mountain took 1.5 hours and we had to change trams part way through the journey.  I placed the photos from the bottom left to the upper right to give the impression of the height of the mountain.  I used a pre-made tree border at the bottom of the spread and actually covered some of the pictures.  This was what a good portion of the ride felt like as we were surrounded by trees.  If you look at the right hand side you will see two Hotels.  The top one is the one that we stayed in which was the original hotel.  Queen

Pilatus (mountain)

Pilatus (mountain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Victoria stayed in this hotel.  The second one, which looks more modern, was built later and was completely round – we ate supper and breakfast the next morning in this building.

If you look carefully in the bottom picture you can see a tiny chapel that was built way up in the mountains.  Notice that the picture of the modern hotel has been cut along the outline of the mountain. This was done so that all the pictures could fit together without overlapping important parts, and I really like the way this turned out.  I did this very carefully with a precision pair of scissors so that the cuts would be perfect.  Be careful when considering doing this as you could end up ruining the photograph.

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First Scrapbook: Europe Vacation 2002

Europe Vacation Title Page

Europe Vacation Title Page

This was my first scrapbook page that I made.  Please don’t judge the whole blog by this one page :).  I made it ten years ago and I have definitely learned some better techniques and design since.

I took a one month trip to Europe in the Summer of 2002, which was an adventure since it was on the heels of 9/11, and travel tensions were high, and being an American in Europe at the time was heavy.  I went with Contiki Tour group, and visited 11 countries in 30 days which was a whirlwind, but I did get to see a lot,  and that helped to determine which places I would like to go back and visit again.

I took over 1000 pictures and ended up making two photo albums to cover the trip.  My mother, who was already into scrapbooking at the time, helped me to p

Creative Memories Travel Scrapbook Album

Creative Memories Travel Scrapbook Album

ut these together over two full weekends that we spent together.  I used two Creative Memory scrapbooks, which unfortunately are no longer available, for the collection.  These books have hard pages that we attached the scrapbook pages too and then covered with plastic from the side.  I have since learned that I do not prefer this method, as you have to mount the scrapbook pages to the album, which makes rearranging them very difficult, and the plastic covers are often difficult to place over the pages.

Unfortunately because of the way the pages are attached to the album and the difficulty of removing the plastic covers, all the pictures from these albums will have the plastic protectors on them, which diminishes the quality of the pictures of the pages.

I am looking forward to sharing my work with you :).  It will take a while to upload all of my work over the past 10 years, but I want to upload it chronologically so that you can see my development as a male scrapbooker.

About this page:

While this page is very simple, it was important for me to cut out from a map only the countries which I visited on this trip.  That way one could view the Title Page and immediately see which countries the vacation included.

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