2008: Lost in the Stuffed Animals

2008: Lost in the Stuffed Animals

2008: Lost in the Stuffed Animals

The last page of a photo album can be difficult sometimes because you only get one page instead of two. I decided to use this page to record one of my favorite memories from the early days with my son.

As a reminder this album chronicles the time before our adoption became finalized, so I was still a foster parent at this time.  My son had a habit of going places without asking permission so I always had to be aware of where he was.

One Saturday morning I slept in and when I got up it was very quiet.  I assumed my son was still sleeping, but when I went into his room I couldn’t see him in his bed.  We had a very small apartment so I immediately panicked because I didn’t know where he was.  I quickly looked everywhere and then went back into his room, only to realize that he had buried himself in amongst his stuffed animals and I hadn’t seen him the first time.  I quickly snapped this picture because I thought it was adorable.

I created this page but using a handmade textured brown paper and then using my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch to punch holes and affix grommets to the edges of the page.  I then ran brown feathered string across the page and affixed in the back with tape.  The feathered thread reminds me of the fuzzy stuffed animals.


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