2012: IKEA

2012: IKEA

2012: IKEA

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I would not usually scrapbook a trip to a store….but, our exchange student, Jonathan, is from Sweden, and a trip to IKEA made him feel like he was home, especially when it came to the food court and the grocery section.  We arrived early in the morning and had breakfast, and then stayed long enough to eat an early supper at night.

There are several things on this page that were fun to do because they involved figuring out new techniques:

1. The background to the pages is actually the plastic mesh IKEA bag that we had to buy to get our stuff out of the store.  I cut pieces that were slightly bigger than 12×12 and then affixed them to the card stock page.  I then folded them over at the edge of the card stock and rubbed them with a ruler to help put a permanent crease in them and the used tape on the back to hold them in place.

2. The IKEA border across the top is the material handle to the bag.  I cut these carefully to length, used fray edge to keep them from unraveling, and then used glue to affix them to the plastic background.

3. On the left hand page is the front cover from the IKEA catalog – I had originally wanted to put the whole catalog in, but it was too thick. I also put the store map on the right hand page.

4. I carefully used an exacto knife to cut the IKEA store pencil in half.  I pulled the lead out and broke it and put just the tip back into the pencil and then used glue to affix it to the plastic background.

Overall this was a fun trip to IKEA – I wish we had one closer to us.

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