Europe Vacation 2015: Bergenz, Austria

Europe Vacation 2015: Bergenz, Austria
The second stop on our trip around Bodensee was Bergenz, Austria.  We spent most of our time here exploring the lakefront and had an authentic lunch at a restaurant right on the water – pictures of our food can be seen on the left hand page.

The right hand page has pictures of the outdoor theater where the Bergenz Festival is held.  Each year they produce a different play and the stage is built right in the water.  We were lucky enough to be able to go in and watch a rehearsal.  A day later this same location and event was featured in the local newspaper and I was able to add that on to the page in a pocket that I made for it.  I did this by cutting a slit in the background paper, and then using another strip of paper to strengthen the cut.  If you don’t do this, then the cut can tear further and damage the background paper.

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