Canada Cruise 2010: Saint John and Bay of Fundy

Canada Cruise 2010: St John, New Brunswick

Canada Cruise 2010: Saint John and Bay of Fundy

Our next port of call was Saint John, New Brunswick.  We elected to take a full day bus tour to St. Martin’s and the Bay of Fundy.  I had been tidal boaring on the Bay of Fundy before and I wanted my son to experience the location.  The extreme rising tides cause rivers and even waterfalls to change direction.

This spread is the introduction to this mini adventure.  We had such a great bus driver and tour guide that I wanted to remember them on this page.  I based the color scheme of the page off of the pattern in the tour guide’s dress.

The left hand page includes the Saint John flag as well as a map that can be opened of the Saint John area.  I mounted it to the outside of the plastic cover so that viewers could open it.  The titling on both pages was cut using my Cricut machine and you will notice on the date that I used the shadow feature to help the date stand out.  I also used slivers of each background page to serve as a border accent on the opposite page to help tie the two pages together.

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