2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – Boston Commons

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Boston Commons
During one of the days that we were in Boston we walked the entire length of the Freedom Trail. I recommend this for anyone who is visiting Boston, it is an engaging and historical walk through history. Be aware though, that it is a lot of walking, and may not be a good idea for young children, or those with mobility difficulties.

This spread, along with the next 5 that I will share over the next few days, are all connected in one theme by using the strip of bricks that you see at the top of the page – you will see these bricks on all of the pages of the trail.  I did this, because the entire Freedom trail is marked with a path of bricks to make it easy to know where to go.  I had a couple of pages of brick wall paper, and I used my paper cutting tool to cut them into strips, and then I bordered them all in black to help them stand out.

At the top of the left hand page you will notice a picture of the trail marker at the beginning of the Freedom Trail.   I also put our Freedom Trail Ticket on this page.  You can buy this ticket at the beginning of the trail and it saves money and time by not having to buy individual tickets at the various historical interest venues along the trail (you will see most of them in the next few days on the upcoming spreads).  I also put two different Freedom Trail maps on this page.  They are affixed to the outside of the plastic page protectors so that the reader can open them to view them.

The right page page contains pictures from the Boston Commons, the Massachusetts State House, and the Park Street Congregational Church.  I bordered all of these in black to complement the black border of the line of bricks.


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