2017: Senior Album – Dad and Son

2017: Senior Album – Dad and Son

2017: Senior Album – Dad and SonI have to be honest that the 10th spread in my son’s Senior Album is my favorite – the theme is Dad & Son.  It is not my favorite because I am in the pictures – it is my favorite because I think that it shows off our relationship in an amazing manner.  The exception would be the football throwing picture – I don’t think that I was very good at catching it :).  You can see from the previous spreads in this album that most of these pictures were taken in those locations but with me added into the mix.  I was so appreciative that the photographer thought of doing this, and that my son wanted to take photographs like this.

I stitched all of the photographs directly to the denim background paper which serves as the border as well as the method of affixing the photos.  I also sewed some patches of old jeans onto this page.  I first put the whole thing together with adhesive tabs to hold it in place while I did the stitching.

Ryan A. Dodson – Photographer

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