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2015: Komets Ice Hockey

2015: Komets Ice Hockey
I woke up on this Saturday morning and was trying to think of something fun to do with the boys. I went online and realized that I could get some relatively inexpensive, but nice box seats, for the Fort Wayne Komets Hockey game.  We sat in the Clubseat section where we could order food and have it brought to us!

I used two ice hockey background pages that I had in a sports paper pack, and used a thin black border around the pictures, menu, and tickets.  The black border went nicely with the large black puck on the right hand page.  I added a few Jolee’s dimensional ice hockey stickers to complete the look.

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2015: Johnny Appleseed Festival

2015: Johnny Appleseed Festival
We discovered The Fort Wayne Johnny Appleseed Festival purely by accident. We were up in Fort Wayne playing Laser Tag and asked the desk worker if there was anything else to do in Fort Wayne, and she suggested the Festival, which turned out to be a great experience.

The festival is held in the park that holds the burial site of Johnny Appleseed (left hand page), and features a farmers market, antique market, and a host of reenactors and old time food and ware.  We bumped into Abraham Lincoln while we were there!

I choose a cream background to match the soda bottle label on the left hand side of the spread, but because it was a Johnny Appleseed themed page I had to use red accents for the apples!   I cut the apples out using my Cricut machine, and then used the left over from the cutout to make the border on the left hand side of the page.


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