2008: Christmas

2008: Christmas

2008: Christmas

2008 was the first year that we owned a home and could host the extended family for Christmas so we were very excited. Several of the gifts at this Christmas were wrapped in the burgundy ribbon that you see on this page.  I wanted to incorporate the ribbon into the page so I tried several new techniques for me.

The first of which was to border the right and left sides of the spread with the ribbon.  I did this by using a punch to put holes along the edge of the paper and then to thread the ribbon through the holes.  To hold the ribbon in place I taped the end of the ribbon to the back of the background paper.

The second technique was to border the pictures on the pages in the same manner.  If you look carefully at the pictures on the right hand page you will notice that I used the punch and thread technique in very much the same way as the page borders, except that I carried this technique on around the whole picture.  In one of the corners I then tied the ends of the ribbon together into a bow.

The third technique – which is much more difficult was to border the pictures on the left hand page in a different way.  If you zoom in on the picture above you will see that the ribbon actually goes through the holes in the picture and out and folder over the corner of the picture and then is brought back through the hole to the front side.  It was very difficult to get all four corners to work at the same time before I tied the bow on these pictures – but I like the way that it turned out.

The “Merry Christmas” tag and the titling for the page were cut out using my Cricut machine.  The larger bow on the right hand side was created by punching two holes closely together and then running the ribbon through the holes to tie the bow.

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  1. Brandon, I have said it before but your layouts are always heartwarming! You convey SO much emotion through them. Just a thought: I have used ribbon in layouts, I learned the best way for me to do it was to set the pictures with eyelets in the corners and put the ribbon through it knotted on the “right” side and taped to the back. Also the ribbon lays flatter on the paper if you put it through slots than holes! I suppose the look you want depends on your style! So whatever makes you happy!! 🙂


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