2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Hard Rock and Ron Jon

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Hard Rock and Ron Jon

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Hard Rock and Ron Jon

Live Well SportsDuring our day at Universal Studios we decided to leave the park for an early supper since the park was so crowded, and go to Universal City Walk, which was within walking distance.  We had supper at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed being able to sit down for a while.  The Hard Rock logo on the page is from the shopping bag for the Hard Rock pin that I bought (which is also one of my hobbies – collecting pins from all of the places that we go).

The right hand page showcases our last day in Florida, during which we decided to skip the parks and head to the beach.  We drove about an hour to get to Cocoa Beach early in the morning – which was a great idea since the parking lots and beaches packed out about 1 hour after we arrived.  After spending some time on the beach we walk along the strip and spent some time in Ron Jon’s which is a famous surf shop.  This page includes a brochure from the store, and a surfboard sticker which I carefully stuck right to the page.

Don’t feel that you always have to create a full double page spread for every event.  Sometimes I find that I only have enough pictures and ephemera for one page, and it is ok to create a two page spread with two different events or locations.  For this spread I chose similar color backgrounds, but different styles to tie them together, while also showing the differences in the two events that were about 15 hours apart.

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