Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain

Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain

Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain

This set of pages depicting my time in Barcelona, Spain, shows a unique use of an ephemera map.  The map was the one that I used while I was there and cut to 12×12 it made a perfect background for this page.  I circled the places that I had been while I was on the trip and it serves as a nice reminder of the items that I saw.  It was an interesting stay as there was a civil protest occuring while we were there, and there was a sign in the hotel elevator that encouraged us not to go into the city.  So that night I spent on the rooftop pool and took the picture of the Olympic Village athlete towers that can be seen on the page.  We also had opportunity to visit the Sagrada Familia, the cathedral that was started by Gaudi, but we could not go in due to the construction.  The cathedral has been being built for over 100 years.  I believe that visitors can now enter the cathedral and I would like to go back and visit sometime.

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