Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany – Olympic Stadium

Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany - Olympic Stadium

Europe Vacation: Munich, Germany – Olympic Stadium

Our next stop was in Munich, Germany.  We visited the Olympic Stadium and I got some incredible pictures.  I used a blue marker to do the title and journaling, and it has faded and is now difficult to read.  The Munich Olympics were scarred by the Palestinian terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team.  Steve Prefontaine, a famous long distance runner, also ran in this stadium.

I chose a color scheme for this spread that I would not choose now as I don’t think that it works very well.  However there are two things that I did that make it worthwhile sharing this page.  If you look on the left hand side you will notice that I corner punched the background paper to add interest.  After I punched it I used small pieces of the same paper I used for the picture borders to place behind the cut.  I also did something similar on the journaling block using the background paper from the left hand page. You may not be able to tell from the photograph, but I put the ticket from riding to the top of the Olympic Tower in a plastic pocket to protect the other elements of the page since it contained acid that would eventually fade or stain them.

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