Disney Vacation 2008: Animal Kingdom – Entrance

Disney Vacation 2008 - Animal Kingdom

Disney Vacation 2008 – Animal Kingdom

Our first day at Disney World we went to the Animal Kingdom.  This may not seem like the first choice for many – Disney Tip but if you stay in a Disney World Hotel there is one park a day that has extended hours in the morning.  In other words, hotel guests can get in early.  For this date it was the Animal Kingdom and we were in the park before the sun came up.  It was cool to be there and hear the animals waking up in the morning – and we had wonderful opportunities to see animals being fed.

Two hours later we were joined by my Aunt, Uncle, and their granddaughter who live in Orlando.  We went back outside of the park to give them tickets that we had for them.

Disney Tip: PhotopassOutside of the park we had our first experience with Disney’s Photopass.  It is a card that you give each professional photographer and they scan it before taking your picture.  When you get home from your trip you can go online and choose the pictures you want, edit them, and add in some fun Disney characters and then have them printed, or sent to you on a CD.  My sister and her family had gone to Disney a couple weeks before we did, so we shared a card to help share the cost.

If you look closely at the photos you will notice Disney logos and characters in the pictures.  The only downside to these character additions is that they seemed to have washed the pictures out a bit and they all came back much lighter than I would have liked them to.

Disney Tip: Buy Disney Scrapbook kitsAt our hotel their was a souvenir store that had several items that I decided to purchase for the scrapbooks.  I purchased paper packs, patches, and souvenir coins.  While these were expensive I am glad that I bought them because they are impossible to find back at home and when I did find them they were even more expensive.  You will notice these items pop up several times on my pages and serve as a nice way to tie all of the different park pages together.

On this spread the left hand page is straight from the Disney paper pack without anything added – I did this as this page serves as a wonderful map of the park as you peruse the following pages.  I also used an Animal Kingdom patch on the right hand page.

If you look carefully at the borders of the pictures and the journaling you will notice that I used a corner cutter to cut a design in them, and that I used the cuts that came out as part of the design elements on the page.  The date was cut using the Cricut Disney Cartridge.

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