Disney Vacation 2008: Disney Magical Express

Disney Vacation 2008: Disney Magical Express

Disney Vacation 2008: Disney Magical Express

One of the things that I found impressive about booking a stay on the Disney World grounds was the Magical Express.  When you get your airplane and park tickets you also get luggage tags that you put on your luggage at your departure airport.  When you land in Orlando you don’t have to worry about your luggage – they deliver it right to your Disney World resort hotel room without you having to worry about it at the airport.  You just look for the Disney bus area and you will be directed to a bus that will take you right to your hotel and will entertain you with an informative video on the way.

Disney Tip – Pack a swimsuit in your carry on because when you get to the hotel you might want to take a dip in the pool and your luggage may not arrive for a couple of hours after you do.  I learned this the hard way and had a son swimming in the pool in his shorts because he couldn’t wait.

I was so impressed with the Disney Magical Express that I wanted to scrapbook the ephemera from it.  Notice that I created side borders with the extra luggage stickers that were provided to us.

Since we were there during the 50 year celebration they were giving all kinds of things away.  When we checked in to the hotel they gave my son a pin, which you can see in the picture and on the page.  I removed the pin from the back and then glued it to the page.  My son was also impressed with the towel arrangement on the bed when we got to our room, and wanted to make sure that I took some pictures of him with it 🙂 .  This spread is an excellent example of how you can use ephemera to drive the design of the page, and emphasizes the beauty of collecting it during the trip.  I usually only use about one third of the items that I bring home and what doesn’t make the scrapbook usually goes into the recycle bin.

Disney Tip – Magical Express – Sit at the front of the bus Since so many people will get off the bus at the same time it is important to sit near the front so that you can get off first and get to the front of the hotel check in line.  Make sure that you keep your carry on luggage with you (keep your bags small), or they will pack them under the bus and you will have to wait for those before you can go and check in.

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