Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia – Maritime Museum

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia - Maritime Museum

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia – Maritime Museum

The next stop on our bus tour was the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – which includes several exhibits of the Titanic.  Many of the victims of the Titanic disaster were buried in Halifax.  The left hand page showcases our time at this museum, and the ephemera I included are the sticker tickets that we had to wear and a map of the museum.

The right hand page shows pictures taken during the rest of our bus tour around the city.  My son was very tired, and so we didn’t take any more stops, but rather just enjoyed the sights from the bus.  My favorite picture on this page is the bottom left one where you can see the famous Halifax bell tour and my son is sound asleep in teh foreground.  There were some other tourists that were so amused that he was sleeping and snoring on the tour that they got up to take pictures of him as well 🙂

Notice that I used the trimmings from the earlier Halifax page to border these pages.  The borders to the pictures on the right hand page are actually cut from some tartan warpping paper that I purchased while on the trip.

Titanic History and Remembrance Tour in Halifax – $44.33

Immerse yourself in the history of the infamous Titanic disaster on this educational and enlightening tour in Halifax. Learn the real story behind the ship’s tragic sinking as your guide takes you to several ‘Titanic’-related sites. See graves of victims at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, visit morgues and churches where services were held, see locales from the Academy Award-winning 1997 movie, and browse a fascinating exhibit of artifacts from the shipwreck at the impressive Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


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