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2014: Mississenewa 1812

2014: Mississenewa 1812
Mississenewa 1812 is one of our local events that we like to attend each year.

Wikipedia explains the Battle of Mississenwa as “an expedition ordered by William Henry Harrison against Miami Indian villages in response to the attacks on Fort Wayne and Fort Harrison in the Indiana Territory.”

When we arrived we discovered that much of the reenacting was not a reenactment of the Battle of 1812, as much as a display of the different kind of troops from various areas and Nations that were involved in the Battle of 1812 all around the country.  This didn’t matter too much to us as the whole experience was informing, exciting, and delicious!

I chose reds and greens for the color scheme of this page to highlight the colors in the photographs that I took, and used simple borders for the pictures.  Something fun on this page is a candy wrapper from some candy that is wrapped to look like it is ammunition.

Hint for this event:  We always arrive early – besides getting to see the reenactors wake up, and watch the morning color raising ceremony, we get there before the crowds do and are able to navigate the event before it gets crazy and it is hard to move.



Europe Vacation 2015: Skansen 1

Europe Vacation 2015: Skansen 1 After we visited the Vasa Museum, we walked over to Skansen.   The Skansen’s website shares that “Skansen was founded by Artur Hazelius in 1891. It is the world’s oldest open-air museum and is situated on the island of Djurgården within the city limits of Stockholm.”

We found it to be a mix of historical museum, living history museum, zoo, and children’s entertainment.  We were only able to spend a little time at Skansen, but I am sure that it could be a full day event, as we only saw some of the parts of the facility.

I chose orange as the theme color her to match the “tram” ticket, brochure, and my son’s sweatshirt. The left hand page serves as a holder for the Skansen brochures.  The black and white paper is the bag from the Skansen Museum store, and the orange ticket is for the children’s tram that we rode on to get a quicker tour of the facility so that we did not have to walk as much.  I used a rotary cutter to cut the slit in the black and white bag to slip the brochures in.

The right hand page has a picture of my very yummy lunch, my son trying out stilts, and a cool picture of an old log home juxtaposed with Stockholm’s modern TV tower.

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2009: Conner Prairie

2009: Conner Prairie

2009: Conner Prairie

CraftsyI won tickets to visit Conner Prairie from a radio station, otherwise I am not sure I would have ever known this place existed.  And we were lucky enough to just happen to pick a weekend where they were having reenactments which made the whole experience even more exciting.   Conner Prairie is an interactive history park which my son loved particularly because it involved handling guns and throwing hatchets.  He also got a kick out of making candles and watching the reenactment battle scenes.

The ephemera that you see on the page were all items that I purchased at the gift shop.  In the top left hand corner is a cup placement.  It is about 3/8 of an inch thick so I used glue to affix it to the page.  I then used some sticky tabs to affix the “Civil War Days” photograph to the placement.  This is a picture of a large poster that was at the entrance to the event.  I usually take pictures like this at events and locations for two reasons – the first is to help me remember what the event or locations was, and the second is that often I can use them on the page instead of journaling as I do not like the way that my handwriting looks.

On the right hand page are a handmade bookmark (at the bottom) and a patch (at the top) – both purchased at the gift shop.

I chose a Victorian style background page in green to match the primary color in the photographs, and you will notice that all of the photographs have had the corners cut with a corner cutter.

2013: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

On our foray into Kentucky we saw a sign for the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace.  Since we had visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum and burial site a few months before I thought that it would be fun to stop and see where Abraham Lincoln was born.  Interestingly enough, the home had been long ago demolished, and in its place this large “temple” erected that had a replica log cabin built inside of it.  It was quite a grand structure considering that there was hardly anything inside of it.  There was a very interesting visitor’s center and gift shop that was on the grounds.  The top right hand picture is of the underground stream where the family got their water.

On the left hand page you will notice a white circle with a purple date stamp in it.  Almost every National Park site will have one of these stamps, and we usually collect them to put in the scrapbook because they highlight the location and the date that we were there.

On the right hand page I placed the two brochures that we picked up at the visitors center.  They are not affixed to the page, but rather held in place by the strip of cardboard that I placed down the center.  This cardboard is held in place by three brads.  I did this because the brochures were double sided and there was no good way to attach them to the page.  It is a little more difficult to get these ones off of the page to view as the reader would have to slide the whole page out of the plastic protector and then remove the brochures from the side.

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia – Maritime Museum

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia - Maritime Museum

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia – Maritime Museum

The next stop on our bus tour was the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – which includes several exhibits of the Titanic.  Many of the victims of the Titanic disaster were buried in Halifax.  The left hand page showcases our time at this museum, and the ephemera I included are the sticker tickets that we had to wear and a map of the museum.

The right hand page shows pictures taken during the rest of our bus tour around the city.  My son was very tired, and so we didn’t take any more stops, but rather just enjoyed the sights from the bus.  My favorite picture on this page is the bottom left one where you can see the famous Halifax bell tour and my son is sound asleep in teh foreground.  There were some other tourists that were so amused that he was sleeping and snoring on the tour that they got up to take pictures of him as well 🙂

Notice that I used the trimmings from the earlier Halifax page to border these pages.  The borders to the pictures on the right hand page are actually cut from some tartan warpping paper that I purchased while on the trip.

Titanic History and Remembrance Tour in Halifax – $44.33

Immerse yourself in the history of the infamous Titanic disaster on this educational and enlightening tour in Halifax. Learn the real story behind the ship’s tragic sinking as your guide takes you to several ‘Titanic’-related sites. See graves of victims at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, visit morgues and churches where services were held, see locales from the Academy Award-winning 1997 movie, and browse a fascinating exhibit of artifacts from the shipwreck at the impressive Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp – Part 2

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp

In stark contrast to the buildings of Mauthausen Concentration camp, were the rest of the grounds.  At one point these had been covered with concentration barracks, but now the area contained a large graveyard, and memorial statues.  We could also observe the remainder of the quarry where so many had lost their lives.  This part of the camp seemed strangely serence compared to the harsh realities of the museum.  Part of what was interesting about this experience was that for the only time on the trip almost everyone walked by themselves in silence, and when we left the bus was quiet for a long time.

I wanted to reflect this serenity on the page and so choose greens to bring the observer back to a state of peace while viewing the book.

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Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthasen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

The hardest part of our trip was visiting Mauthausen Concentration camp in Austria.  In the midst of fun and museums and art and food we were faced with the reality of Europe during World War 2.  Mauthausen was a quarry concentration camp were many were worked to death.  But as part of the “Final Solution” many were killed outright here as well.

I wanted these pages to reflect the gloom and solemnity that I felt while I was here so I chose a muted plain gray for the background.  The barbwire border was created using a wave edge ruler to make a wave pattern and then off centering it and doing it again.  I then used a fine tipped marker to mark the barbs on the patter to make it look like barbed wire.  I also placed the photographs in a square symmetrical pattern to represent the walls of the camp and the increasing trap that they had become.

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