Washington DC 2012: The Capitol Building

Our fourth day in Washington DC centered around a trip to the Capitol Building.  I collected so much ephemera, and took so many pictures that I ended up creating three double spreads to commemorate this experience.  I am going to share them all in this post.    The first page (above) acted as the Date Title page and I used a background sheet that had a wonderful picture of the Capitol Building without much other decoration.   On the right hand side I placed one of my own photographs along with postcards and a patch that I bought at the Capitol Souvenir store on site.

Washington DC 2012: The Capitol Building - Interior

Washington DC 2012: The Capitol Building – Interior

The second page of the Capitol Building experience highlights pictures taken during our tour.  The left hand page actually is the plastic bag from the souvenir store carefully wrapped around a cream colored background page.  I placed the picture of the statue of Lincoln looking down on the Capitol as a reminder of his care for the American people.  The right hand page showcases pictures of the Rotunda ceiling, and various famous paintings and statues.  In the middle of the pictures you will notice another one of the stamp collection of famous sites in Washington.  Notice that I created one border for all four pictures to bring unity to the spread.

Capitol Tour Tip:  The Tours are free, but you must make a reservation ahead of time.  For a general tour click HERE.   But to get a more personalized tour you can book way in advance with your Senator or Representative.  Remember to do either of these options way in advance. 

Washington DC 2012: The Capitol Building - Tour

Washington DC 2012: The Capitol Building – Tour

The third page was a lot of fun for me. The background to these pages is actually tissue paper from the gift shop!  I didn’t need any for the items I purchased but I saw it behind the counter and asked if I could have two sheets of it for scrap booking and they gave it to me with a smile.    Moving from left to right, the first item is a map of Emancipation Hall, which is the new visitors entrance to the Capitol building.  The is mounted to the outside of the plastic protector so that the reader can open it to view it.  I put a black background border under the plastic protector to help the brochure stand out against the white background.  Next is a photograph that I took of the Hall including the words “In God We Trust“.  Next is a puzzle that I purchased and put together to put on the page.  I used Modge Podge to help it stay together.  I am not sure if I would do this again as the puzzle is pretty thick and makes the page a little awkward to turn.  On the far right are our tour tickets and badges and underneath them is a small tourist book that is mounted to the outside of the plastic protector.
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