Washington DC 2012: White House

Washington DC 2012: White House

Washington DC 2012: White House

Our fifth day in Washington DC began with a tour of the White House.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the White House, so the pictures on the left hand side are actually postcards.  Since they were bordered in white, I bordered our photographs on the right hand page in white as well to match.  The bookmark on the right of the spread contains a stamp with the portrait of James Hoban, who was the architect and builder of the White House.

White House Tour Tip: If you are planning on going to Washington DC and want to visit the White House you must request a tour through your Senator at least 90 days in advance. (The website says six months to 21 days in advance – but it you wait that long you will not get tickets).  You will not get to see the inside of the White House if you do not do this in advance.  Also note – they don’t let you know until a few days in advance of the date and time of your tour – so be very flexible with your other plans until you find out the dates and times of these tours. Find out more information HERE.

Washington DC 2012: White House Historical Association

Washington DC 2012: White House Historical Association

There is not a museum or gift shop on the White House Property, however there is a White House Historical Association Museum that is run by the National Park Service a within a couple of blocks.  The pages above are made from a paper bag from the gift shop there and a print of the portrait of George Washington that was saved by Dolly Madison.

Washington DC 2012: White House Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: White House Ephemera

There were several other ephemera items that I collected that I wanted to add to the scrapbook.  Some museum guides and maps are inside of a bag from the White House Historical Association so that they can be removed and reviewed by the reader.  The pictures on the left were not taken in the White House :(, but rather at a souvenir store a block away that allows you to take pictures at this replica desk if you make a purchase in their store.   We had fund recreating the JFK and JFK, Jr picture that made this desk famous.

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