Washington DC 2012: Petersen House – where Lincoln died

Washington DC 2012: House where Lincoln died

Washington DC 2012: House where Lincoln died

After our visit to the White House we walked the route the Lincoln took on his Journey to the Ford Theater, where he was assassinated.  We arrived much earlier than anticipated and realized that we would have opportunity to visit the Petersen House and Museum, where Lincoln died.  The line stretched down the road, but it was worth the wait.  While we had not originally planned on visiting this site, I do recommend it as a “must do” on a vacation/tour to Washington DC.

I overlaid the background paper with cutoffs of Lincolns speeches and writings from the earlier National Archives page.  On the left hand side is a photgraph of the historical marker and a postcard of the building.  My pictures of the building included the line of people, so using the postcard provided a clearer and unobstructed view.  You will also noticed the National Park Service passport card stamp as well.

The right hand side has three pictures that I took inside of the room where President Lincoln died.  From the pictures you can see how I choose my background papers.  I used the checkerboard from the bedspread to inspire the background paper, and the stripes in the wall paper are duplicated with the strips of paper and ribbon that I attached the the background paper.

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