2007: Legoland

2007: Legoland

2007: Legoland

I lived in San Diego for three years before my son moved in with me. As a kid I had loved Lego, and honestly – I still do. I really badly wanted to go to Legoland, but was told that it was for little kids – which it really is. So, when my son moved in with me I knew right away that I had the perfect excuse to go for the first time – so that my son could enjoy it!  At a local San Diego scrapbook store I found the Lego background pages that you see on all three of these spreads.  The are embossed with the Lego dots and all of the pages have a plastic feel (which actually made it somewhat hard to affix the pictures to.

On this first spread I used some black Fastenators on the page as I thought that they looked like black Lego pieces.  The Title on the left hand page is from a set of pre-cut sticker letters that were originally white with a black border.  I used a red marker to color them in so that it would match the red Lego pieces on the background page.   The title on the right and page and also from a pre-cut letter sticker set.

2007: Legoland 2

2007: Legoland 2

On this spread I used the same white pre-cut sticker letters that I colored red from the first page.  I also cut the photographs on the left hand page to fit perfectly into the squares that were already part of the background page.

2007: Legoland 3

2007: Legoland 3

On this third spread I stray a little from the Lego backgrounds on the right hand side so that I could use a Water Park background page.  This was my son’s favorite part of the Legoland park on our first trip and we sepnt a good part of the day here.

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