2012: Shooting Range

2012: Shooting Range

2012: Shooting Range

This was a fun event and a fun event to scrapbook.  One of Jonathan’s new friends from school invited us to go with him and his father to a local shooting range.  Jonathan had never shot a gun before and the look on his face was priceless when he took his first shot.  I didn’t get that on a picture because I was video taping at the time.  We spent about two hours firing guns and having a great time.

While we were there I followed my usual custom of collecting things that I could use in the scrapbook later.  I collected several things that I wasn’t even sure would or could make it on to the page – but you never know!

So – the background to these two pages are two of the targets that we used.  Since they had bullet holes in them I carefully cut them and then wrapped them around some black card stock.  I was also able to get parts of some ammunition boxes, a spent cartridge, and Jonathan’s earplugs onto the page – making this one of the best collections of male ephemera that I have ever put on a page.

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