2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

2012: Indianapolis Children's Museum

2012: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

On the first day of the New Year we went the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with my sister and her family.  We spent most of the day there, and it was crowded, but well worth the time and the extra activities provided for this day.    On this first spread I tried to match the background papers with the color scheme in the logo of the Museum.  The colored pieces of paper on the left hand page are pieces of confetti that were released into the lobby when the clock struck 12.  (Noon, not midnight – but the kids loved it anyway.)

2012: Indianapolis Children's Museum 2

2012: Indianapolis Children’s Museum 2

If you look closely at the first spread on the right hand page you will notice that I used some of the same paper on the right hand page of this second spread.  I did this to try and tie the two spreads together.  Our family had a wonderful time in the dinosaur section of the museum – digging up “fossils” and recreating the skins of dinosaurs.  When we returned home I found some of the dino dig “sand” in our bags, and I glued it together and placed it on the right hand page.  I also used slivers of each of the two papers to create a contrast on the opposite page.  This also helps to tie the two pages in the spread together.

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