2008: Ice Skating and Bowling

2008: Ice Skating and Bowling

2008: Ice Skating and Bowling

Christmas Gifts from OnlineSports.comMy son got two gifts that he was very excited about during 2008. He got a pair of ice skates from me for his birthday – but couldn’t use those until our pond froze at Christmas time – and a bowling ball from my parents at Christmas.

This spread celebrates the first use of both of these sports equipment.  The left hand page shares the Ice Skates and the right hand side the bowling ball.  It was difficult to figure out how to tie these two spreads together, but I didn’t have enough pictures or ephemera to make a full spread for either one.

I started the spread by selecting the black hockey page for the left hand side and then complemented that with the flame page for the bowling side.  For some reason the flames reminded me of designs I had seen in bowling alleys from the 80s and 90s, and it reminded me of some bowling shirts that I saw at that time as well.

On the right hand page I used a pair of sharp nosed scissors to carefully cut out some of the flames so that they could overlap the photographs.  I also hand painted the bowling ball in the top right hand corner to emulate the color scheme on the bowling ball that my son received from my parents for Christmas.  I started with blue paper to do this so that I could layer the other colors on top of it.

To help tie in the left hand page I tore paper to serve as a border for the journalling.  The paper colors come from the dominant colors on the right hand page.

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