2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

2008: Christmas Treasure Hunt

This is a page that I debated showing on this blog.  The reason is that I do not really like how it turned out.  I like the concept but I think that I did not choose the right background paper.  I am a little strange in that even if I don’t like the way something turned out – I usually do not go back and redo it – mostly because I always have new pages to do.

The story behind this spread is that I bought a Red Rider BB gun for my son for Christmas.  I had planned this out ahead of time and our family watched “The Christmas Story” the night before so that we could warn him that “you will shoot your eye out!”

He had been asking for this gift for a long time and I knew that he would recognize the box and know that he was getting this gift.  So I wrapped it up and put it under his bed the day before because I knew he would not look there.  Then I made a riddle trail for him to follow to find his gift.  These pictures are all one step along the path to finding his gift.

I used a Creative Memories Circle cutter to cut the pictures into circles and a slightly larger one to cut the border circles which I brushed lightly with gold paint. I offset the pictures within the borders to add some interest and movement to the page.  I used a hole punch to punch the holes in the borders and then thread the ribbon though the border holes to show the path that he had to take to find his gift.

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