2009: Private Plane Ride

2009: Private Plane Ride

2009: Private Plane Ride

At the same Charity Auction that I purchased the “Horse Grooming” experience – I also bought a private plane ride for my son and myself.   It was fun to be able to fly around our local area and see our home, our schools, and my place of work.  After we saw these sites from the sky the pilot flew up to a high altitude and then put us into free fall so we could feel weightlessness – it was really fun – but I tried to video the experience and it made me really air sick.  So – the pilot landed and let me off and then let me son into the co-pilot’s seat where he let him help takeoff, fly for a bit, and then help land the plane again.

I had a lot of fun creating this page.  I used cloud background paper to show the heights that we reached, and I created the silver propeller for the page from silver paper and using a black permanent marker.  I always like it better when I can hand make the decorations that go on page, instead of using pre-made sticker packs.

The red and white signs are photographs from the airport that I cut down to size, and I made sure to include the gift certificate for the experience on the page as well.  I used a curly corner cutter to trim the corners of each photograph – this shape remind the viewer of the clouds on the background paper.

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